OKlib::GeneralInputOutput Namespace Reference

Tools for handling input and output. More...


class  BasicCounter
 Extension of the filter boost::iostreams::basic_counter with a member function for the number of characters read from the current line. More...
class  BasicIndentLines
 Filter for iostreams indenting each line. More...
class  Test_BasicCounter
 Testing a filter for counting characters and lines. More...
class  Test_BasicIndentLines
 Testing a filter for indenting lines. More...
class  BasicNullStream
 BasicNullStream<Char> is an output stream discarding all output. More...
class  Test_NullStream
 Test an output stream discarding all characters. More...
class  OStreamDescriptor
 Concrete type for a pair consisting of a label and a string, which describe some output-stream. More...
class  OStreamMultiplexer
 Class for creating ostreams which comprise described ostreams. More...
class  Test_OStreamDescriptor
 Test models of OStreamDescriptor. More...
class  Test_OStreamMultiplexer
 Testing an OStreamMulitplexer model. More...
class  DirectoryIterator
 Class which provides recursive input iterators over the non-directory files within a directory. More...
class  TestData
 Provides the names of directories and files within the TestDirectory and their status as directory (1) or file (0). More...
class  Test_DirectoryIterator
 Testing the concept of a directory iterator. More...


typedef BasicCounter< wchar_t > WCounter
typedef BasicIndentLines< char > IndentLines
typedef BasicIndentLines< wchar_t > WIndentLines
typedef BasicNullStream< char > NullStream
 Output stream discarding all output.
typedef BasicNullStream< wchar_t > WNullStream


 BOOST_IOSTREAMS_PIPABLE (BasicCounter, 1) typedef BasicCounter< char > Counter
bool operator< (const OStreamDescriptor &lhs, const OStreamDescriptor &rhs)


< ::OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::BasicCounter
< ::OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::BasicIndentLines
Test_NullStream< NullStreamtest_null_stream
< ::OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::OStreamDescriptor
< ::OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::OStreamMultiplexer
< DirectoryIterator

Detailed Description

Tools for handling input and output.

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Output stream discarding all output.

How can we define a global constant like std::cerr and std::cout?

Definition at line 38 of file IOStreamSinks.hpp.

Definition at line 93 of file IOStreamFilters.hpp.

Definition at line 39 of file IOStreamSinks.hpp.

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bool OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::operator< ( const OStreamDescriptor &  lhs,
const OStreamDescriptor &  rhs 

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