OKlib Namespace Reference

All components of the OKlibrary. More...


namespace  AlgebraicStructures

Components related to the search for algebraic structures by means of (generalised) SAT.

namespace  AllSolutions

Components for extracting all satisfying assignments (in some form).

namespace  Applications

Components for applications of generalised satisfiability.

namespace  AtomicConditions
namespace  BigIntegers

Classes and tools for handling integers of arbitrary size.

namespace  Combinatorics

The part of the OKlibrary for general combinatorics.

namespace  ComplexitySystem

Module for (persistent) complexity measurements.

namespace  ComplexityTheory

Components for constructions from complexity theory (especially those related to propositional logic)

namespace  Concepts

Concept definitions and accompanying generic tests.

namespace  Cryptanalysis

Components for cryptanalysis via (generalised) SAT.

namespace  DPv

Deprecated namespace containing components for Davis-Putnam resolution.

namespace  Equivalences

Active clause-sets for equivalence reasoning.

namespace  ErrorHandling

Tools for error (and exception) handling.

namespace  ExperimentSystem

Components for performing experiments.

namespace  FrequencyAssignment

Active clause-sets for frequency assignment.

namespace  Games

Components related to (combinatorial) games.

namespace  GeneralInputOutput

Tools for handling input and output.

namespace  GraphDecomposition

Module for SAT decision by means of graph decomposition.

namespace  GraphDrawing

Tools for drawing graphs and trees.

namespace  HamiltonianPaths

Active clause-sets to search for Hamiltonian paths etc.

namespace  HittingClauseSets

Module for components regarding hitting clause-sets.

namespace  HypergraphColouring
namespace  InjectivityConstraints
namespace  InputOutput
namespace  Isomorphisms

Components for finding isomorphisms.

namespace  Iterators

General tools for iterator handling.

namespace  LaTeX

Tools for LaTeX-Output.

namespace  LatinSquares

Tools for latin squares and generalisations and refinements.

namespace  LinearInequalities

Module with active clause-sets for linear inequalities.

namespace  Literals
namespace  Matchings

Matching algorithms for graphs (in the Boost sense)

namespace  Matrices

Module for matrix computations.

namespace  Messages

Module for objects representing units of meaning.

namespace  MetaProgramming

Components to support meta programming.

namespace  MinUnsat

Components for handling minimal unsatisfiability.

namespace  OKsolver_1_0

Applications implementing the algorithm of the old OKsolver.

namespace  OKsolver_2_0

Applications implementing the new OKsolver (for SAT 2009)

namespace  OKsolver_3_0

Applications implementing the successor of OKsolver_2_0.

namespace  OrderRelations
namespace  Parallelism
namespace  Parser

Components to support parsing.

namespace  PartialAssignments
namespace  Programming

The part of the OKlibrary delivering general programming support.

namespace  ProgramOptions

Components for handling command-line parameters.

namespace  PseudoBoolean

Components for active clause-sets for pseudo-boolean constraints.

namespace  RamseyTheory

Components regarding Ramsey theory.

namespace  RandomGenerator

Components for the generation of random problems.

namespace  Refactoring

Tools for refactoring C++ code.

namespace  Resolution

Components for resolution handling.

namespace  Rijndael
namespace  Sat
namespace  SATAlgorithms
namespace  SATCompetition

Tools for evaluating SAT competition (under various circumstances)

namespace  Satisfiability

The part of the OKlibrary concerned with (generalised) satisfiability.

namespace  SearchDataStructures

Data structures with additional search functionality.

namespace  SetAlgorithms

Components for sets-related algorithms and datastructures.

namespace  Statistics

Components providing statistical tools.

namespace  SumProduct

Components for sum-product (or belief-propagation) algorithms.

namespace  SystemSpecifics

Tools for handling and testing components which are depending on the operating system or the compiler.

namespace  TestExecutionTools

Generic components to help with testing.

namespace  TestSystem

The components for higher-order unit-testing.

namespace  traits

All traits meta-functions concerning the Standard.

namespace  Trees

Module for trees (algorithms and data structures; all kinds of trees)

namespace  Utilities

Various utilities.

namespace  Van_der_Waerden_hypergraph
namespace  Variables


template<class Matrix >
bool is_self_polar (const Matrix &m)

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All components of the OKlibrary.

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template<class Matrix >
bool OKlib::is_self_polar ( const Matrix &  m) [inline]

Definition at line 191 of file Symmetry.hpp.