StreamHandling Namespace Reference


namespace  Error_file2string
namespace  Error_FileLines
namespace  Error_LockFile
namespace  Error_remove_lines
namespace  Error_TempFile


struct  Error
class  RedirectingStd
class  FileLines
class  FileLinesInputIterator
class  path_template
class  basename_template
class  self_named
class  TemporaryFile
class  TemporaryFile_path_template
class  TemporaryFile_basename_template
class  TemporaryFile_self_named
class  TempFile
class  fdoutbuf
struct  fdostream
struct  LockedFileOstream
class  Wrapper


std::istream & line_advance (std::istream &s, unsigned long int a) throw (std::ios_base::failure)
template<class C , typename T >
TemporaryFile< C > & operator<< (TemporaryFile< C > &tf, const T &x)
void remove_lines (std::string name, long int n) throw (Error_TempFile::open_file, Error_FileLines::open_file, Error_FileLines::read_file, Error_remove_lines::temporary_file, Error_TempFile::remove_file, std::ios_base::failure, std::bad_alloc)
std::string file2string (const char *const name) throw (Error_file2string::open_file, std::ios_base::failure)
std::string file2string (const std::string &name) throw (Error_file2string::open_file, std::ios_base::failure)
bool copy (const std::string &from, const std::string &to)
template<typename T , int width>
std::ostream_iterator< Wrapper
< T, width > > 
output_iterator (std::ostream &o, const char *sep)


const char *const template_part = "XXXXXX"
const int length_template_part = 6

Function Documentation

std::string StreamHandling::file2string ( const std::string &  name) throw (Error_file2string::open_file, std::ios_base::failure) [inline]

Definition at line 507 of file StreamHandling.hpp.

References file2string().

std::istream& StreamHandling::line_advance ( std::istream &  s,
unsigned long int  a 
) throw (std::ios_base::failure) [inline]

Definition at line 91 of file StreamHandling.hpp.

References s.

Referenced by test_TransformationBiclique().

template<class C , typename T >
TemporaryFile<C>& StreamHandling::operator<< ( TemporaryFile< C > &  tf,
const T x 

Definition at line 392 of file StreamHandling.hpp.

template<typename T , int width>
std::ostream_iterator<Wrapper<T, width> > StreamHandling::output_iterator ( std::ostream &  o,
const char *  sep 

Definition at line 624 of file StreamHandling.hpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 262 of file StreamHandling.hpp.

const char* const StreamHandling::template_part = "XXXXXX"

Definition at line 261 of file StreamHandling.hpp.