University Shield Gwyddor Cyfrifiadur

The Annual Computer Science Project Demonstrationtion Fair

An Event of the Computer Science Department,
Swansea University


Thurs 11 May, 2017


10:00 - 19:30


The Refectory
Fulton House
Swansea University

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Information and Invitation

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Robert S. Laramee
Faron Moller
Carolyn Martin

Past Project Selection Fairs:



Project Demonstration Fair Video Introduction: Every year, final year computer science students dedicate two semesters to their final year project as part of their degree qualification. Since 2008, these students present the results of their project to the departmental public as well as to local IT industry. This event is organized in conjunction with IT Wales, Software Alliance Wales, and Technocamps. The aim of the fair is to provide students with a professional environment where they:
  • Present and defend their final year projects
  • See how their own project fits into the context of the entire year's results
  • Network professionally with IT companies.
During the fair, students are by their exhibition space for discussions with visitors from the entire Swansea Bay area community. This is a great opportunity to come and meet our latest group of graduates as well as to network with visitors from local academia and industry. Prizes are also awarded on the day.

Sponsors: We are pleased to announce sponsorship of student prizes from Mark Sutherland of If you would like to get involved as a sponsor, please let us know.

Volunteers: We are looking for 20-25 volunteers to demonstrate their project to local school students. Volunteers are provided with lunch. Please notify Robert S Laramee if you would like to volunteer.

Project Prizes: There are a number of student prizes awarded including:

  • Best student project-voted by school students
    Winner: Matthew Jones, Augmented Reality Sandbox
  • Best student project-voted by IT industry,
    Winner: Jack Green, Crypto Analysis of Hash Functions
    Mark Sutherland of sponsored this year's best student prize voted for by IT industry.
  • Best student project-voted by Academic Staff
    Winners: Phil Reynolds and Calum McClune, Rock Advisor
    (joint winners)

Poster Printing: Google: "Swansea poster printing" and you'll find a number of poster printing alternatives based right here in Swansea. Swansea University has a Print Room, however, the last time Bob spoke with them, this service was only available for staff.


[10:00] Set-up of Posters (compulsory for all student project demonstrators)
Registration of Schools
[10:45] (Technocamps) A Technocamps Welcome, Professor Faron Moller, Computer Science, Swansea University
In Room West, Fulton House
[10:50] (Technocamps) Invited Speakers
Student presentations: 3rd year Undergraduates and
Technocamps Student STEM Ambassador
[11:45] Tour of Project Fair: Project Demonstrations to School Students as part of Technocamps by a selection of final year students.
A filmographer for the College of Science may arrive.
[12:45] Lunch
[13:30] (Technocamps) Student voting wrap-up and Student Prize lead by Stewart Powell of Technocamps
[13:50] (Technocamps) Closing remarks and finale of Technocamps
[14:00] (Technocamps) School students depart
[16:00-17:30] Project Demonstrations to Swansea University (compulsory). Scoring from supervisor and second marker takes place from 16:00-19:30. First and second year students are invited to attend at this time as well.
A photographer for the College of Science may be present.
[16:30-17:30] Business and Industry Representatives Arrive / Register
[17:45] Welcome by Arnold Beckmann, Head of Department of Computer Science, Swansea University
[16:30-20:00] Project Demonstrations to IT Industry (compulsory). Bring an updated copy of your CV to show to employers. All first & second year students, Masters, PhD candidates, and Research Assistants are invited to attend at this time.
Student Projects
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