University Shield Gwyddor Cyfrifiadur

The Annual College of Science Postgraduate Research Student Conference


Thu 13 June 2019


9:00 - 21:00


The Waterfront Museum (Ocean Room)
Oystermouth Road
Maritime Quarter
Swansea SA1 3RD

WiFi will be available

Free Registration for Visitors


Robert S. Laramee -Conference Chair
Student Volunteers
Waldir M. Berbel-Filho
Elif Firat
Olga Petrovska
Dylan Rees
(If you would like to get involved, please contact the conference chair.)

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Call For Participation
Welsh Dragon Introduction: We are happy to invite you to our 2nd annual College of Science (CoS) Postgraduate Research (PGR) Student conference. One of our goals is to foster a growing, vibrant community of PhD students across the College. This community is a key dynamic in our drive to be the most creative place to carry out science globally. This is a great opportunity to practice your scientific presentation skills, connect with your peers, disseminate your research, and discover what fellow PhD candidates are working on. As part of this initiative, we invite you to participate in the conference in one (or more) of three ways:
  1. Giving a Presentation: All PhD students are invited to submit A 1-page abstract of their research for presentation at the conference. The abstract can describe your own original research results, work-in-progress, literature review, work already published or more. These presentations are open to all PhD students, however, they are targeted at 2nd and 3rd+, students as preview for first year students. We expect presentations to last 10-15 minutes depending on the number submitted. Submission instructions are provided below. Abstracts are not published and thus do not interfere with any publication plans.
  2. Presenting a Poster: We are offering all postgraduate research students the opportunity to present a poster. A poster presentation is obligatory for PGR students in the CoS with a start date in October 2018. However, any PGR student may present a poster including those beyond their first year. Your poster represents your research. It can be work-in-progress research, about your literature review, what your plans are etc. You may select any aspect of your research for your poster or may give an overall outline of your project. Posters are presented in a dedicated poster session in the afternoon of the conference day.
  3. Help with Conference Organisation: We are also looking for volunteers to take on an organisational role for the conference. This can be chairing a presentation session, helping with registration, taking photos, helping with AV equipment, liaising with the venue, etc. Organizational roles are open to all PhD students.
  1. Instructions for Submitting an Abstract or Poster: First you need to be registered on the Blackboard module called `College of Science Doctoral Training’. If this appears on your Blackboard home page, then you are registered. If you are not, you may ask Sara Fenn to register you: s.j.fenn `at’ You may also call her at 01792 295 860 or see her in person in room 122 of the Wallace Building. Please notify her of your expression of interest by the deadline below.
  2. Instructions for Submitting an Abstract for Presentation: Those submitting an abstract use the abstract template. A copy of this template can also be found on Blackboard in the `College of Science Doctoral Training’ module in the `CoS Conference Abstract Submission’ assignment. After your abstract is written, submit it to this assignment.
  3. Instructions for Submitting a Poster: There is a portrait and landscape template available in the the Blackboard module "Research Skills" under "Presentation and Public Engagement" and then "Designing an Academic Poster". You may use either of these templates. The poster must be your own, original work. The templates are A1 size, either landscape or portrait orientation. If you choose to create your own original poster you still use this standard size. After your poster is prepared, submit it to the assignment: `Cos Conference Poster Submission’ in the `College of Science Doctoral Training’ module. If you are not enrolled on the "Research Skills" module on Blackboard, you may contact Pamela Styles, pamela.styles "at"
  4. Instructions for Taking on an Organisational Role: Please contact the conference chair, Bob Laramee indicating the role you would like to volunteer for.
Important Deadlines:
Deadline for 1-page abstract submission: 23 May
Deadline for poster submissions: 23 May
Deadline to volunteer for an organizational role: 23 May

Sponsors: If you or anyone you know would like to get involved as a sponsor, please let us know.

Poster Printing: Google: "Swansea poster printing" and you'll find a number of poster printing alternatives based right here in Swansea. Swansea University has a Print Room, however, the last time Bob spoke with them, this service was only available for staff.

Click here for this year's full program.

(Awards voted for by students)
Best Talk Award:
Waldir M. Berbel-Filho on The Promiscuous Life of a Weird Fish

Best Poster Awards:
Karol Szuba-Sablonski, The Electrical Conductivity and Tensile Strength of Ultrabithorax Materials
Carlo Sarli, Volumetric Visualization of Antarctica

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