Broken up Lost near Kempsey, NSW, 1991. Steamer. Most of her cargo of 15,000 feet of timber and 200 bushels of Built Hawkesbury River, 1803; reg. No loss of life. Lost off Smoky Cape, NSW, 12 February 1937. Length 56 ft. Lost from Sydney to Shoalhaven, NSW, August 1866. near the Bellinger River, north coast NSW, June 1891. #131509. as the Mersey Engineer. reg. They were given a passage on the sloop Only the master Possibly built 1856. been discovered by divers a short distance off-shore somewhere north-east [LAH], Theresa. Schooner. Ninety-seven Iron steamship, two-masts, schooner rig, 225 tons. Scarpped in Barque. See also ferries Sydney Queen and repairing. Australian Steam Navigation Co. Built NSW, 1885; reg. Wooden coastal steamer, 345 tons. Some passengers Sydney, 24/1887. Sydney, 8/1874. Sydney, 5/1922. Foundered seven miles north Built Sydney Newcastle, 1/1920. Left Sydney for Port Stephens on 8 June 1885 and was Wooden brigantine, 146 tons. Ashore Sydney, 17/1865. Wooden schooner,  29 tons. Iron steamship, 1259 tons. Sydney, 27/1836. Brigantine, 114 tons. 1883.The wreck of an unidentified vessel of about 400 #38823. Twenty-one seamen lost their lives. 20/1858. Length 46.9 ft. Lost at Crookhaven, ashore 8 nm south of Shoalhaven River, [LN], Sarah Ann. 1945 or 1950. Newcastle, Reg Sydney. Lost on the Richmond River bar, 1 December 1859. the 17th she was seen by two other vessels near Cape Howe, sailing under Rover. Length 58 ft. Lbd 76 x 17 x 3.5. Glasgow, 1909, for N.C.S.N.Co. Sydney,  45/1878. Length 80 ft. [SAN], Pulganbar. Wooden ketch, 23 tons. Lugger. of Coffs Harbour, between the Solitary Islands and the mainland, 19 July #41092. 1867; reg. Forced ashore one nm west of Morna Point, Port Stephens, and lost, Length 47 ft. Lost 1876. on rocks at St. George head, south of Jervis Bay, December 1886. Ketch, 30 tons. [JM], Britannia. Port Albert. Victoria. [LN],[SAN],[ASW1], Betsey. [ASW1], Caroline. Few vessels ever visited this remote Built NSW, 1873; reg. to her bottom to survive although a boy was washed off and drowned. Sydney, 16/1865. Sold to New Zealand interests in 1878; returned to Tasmania 1866; reg. 1866. feet from the seabed. Built 1804, maiden voyage 7 April Lost between New South Wales for Melbourne on 8 July 1904 with a cargo of coal and was last seen by Tasman Hauler. war till December 1941],[SAN],[LAH], Iron Knight. Screw steamship, 54/37 tons. @ Wrecksite known, but little remains. on the east coast until 1861, then sold to China interests. Diesel tug of 570 tons displacement. (Fairwind). Schooner, 32 tons. Two masted wooden schooner,  41 tons. Sydney, 53/1876. Length 82.6 ft. Lost 8 nm north of Bellambi, NSW, 10 n m offshore, Arrived Sydney harbour 18 August 1881 under the command of Captain Owned by blackbirder Ben Boyd. Last seen near Port Macquarie, NSW, 26 September of the barque. 66/1874. Built at Brisbane Water, NSW, 1850. Captain Pritchard. Built at Southport, Tasmania, River, NSW, 5 May 1875. Schooner, 50 tons. In October 1872, collided with the barque A.H.Badger, 100 miles from Foundered 20 km off Smoky Cape, 3 Involved in rescue - see steamer Elingamite, lost New [LN],[SAN], [GB disputes this, indicating the the brig Wave turned up in Lbd Wooden schooner, 47 tons. Length 147 ft. Lost on the north spit, Richmond River, While being towed out of the Yamba River, NSW, Built 1910. NSW and began to sink, 29 August 1836. Length 83 ft. Lost at Trial Bay, NSW, 24 June [SAN], Mary Ann. while under tow by the tug Forster, 3 April  1934. Built on Richmond [DG], Express. Coastal steamer, 1892 tons. Dredge. Wooden schooner, 43 tons. American ship. [LAH], Milton Badger. Rough weather, forced to anchor, however Captain Edwards. Broke away from her anchors and went ashore the ketch prince Alfred. most of the passengers and crew to reach safety through the icy waves. Built Scotland, 1895 Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1886. Captain McAuley. shortly before she foundered. 1903; reg. Sydney 38/1841. [GB],[SAN], Pluto. Schooner, 104 tons. In 1803 she was driven ashore through heavy seas, landing twenty-six hours later near Green Cape. Stericker. Tamar. - cutter], Nereid. sprang up suddenly and prevailed for about a week. 1902. #52381. Schooner, 174/159 tons. Undola. Hulked in Sydney Harbour (prior to 1928). Built Tasmania, 1906; Britain 1938; reg  Greece. 111.3 x 19.3 x 7.6 ft. Lbd 283 x 43.1 Length 62 ft. Reg safety. Built 1861; reg Sydney. heeled on to her beam ends as the crew pumped desperately to keep her afloat. Built Dundee, 1878. [LN],[ASR],[SAN - off north point], Clio. Sydney,  3/1863. Victorian government sloop. steerage passengers were lost - total of eighty lives lost. renamed Alabama Maru. 1872. Steel twin screw steamer, 456 tons. 69 x 16.6 x 5.9 ft. Left Maryborough, Queensland for Newcastle on 15 September She mde several trips to Australia;  arrived in Sydney [SAN], Star of the Sea. Liverpool, reg. [SAN], Victor. Wrecked somewhere off Thirroul, NSW, 13 February Sydney, Nicoll passengers and crew threw 60 tons of cargo overboard to lighten [LN],[SAN], True Blue. reg. Lost at Forster, 5 January 1938. Sydney,14/1884. Some of the #41079. Lbd [#GB],[LN],[LPA],[LPW],[SAN - built Victoria], Esther Maria. her deck cargo of timber shifted, causing her to capsize. Ashore on rocks at Broken Bay, NSW, 6 August [SAN], Fanny. Sydney, April 1890. Beginning. engine room and the rapid entry of the sea forced the crew of 26 to abandon The crew left in five boats and one reached Port Macquarie, the others Conway, who had survived a wrecking, and was living with the aboriginals. #75006. entrance to Camden Haven, NSW, stranded and eventually wrecked, 29 November Perserverence. Length 455 ft. Lost off Barranjoey, Broken Bay, 27 September Schooner, 88 tons. She then managed to free the John Penn, but 1868; reg. Queen. Length 76.8 ft. Run ashore to save life and lost The Ann Mary was refitted and resumed service. 1133 tons], Leah. days elapsed before the survivors were picked up by S.S.Coonanbarra off Length 80 ft. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1908. Sydney, Macken states that one report says she was battered to pieces on the No loss of life. just west of the tug Tasman Hunter, south-east of boyds Tower at the entrance Reported wrecked. Sydney, 38/1890. Fiona. 6 August 1876. [SAN], Bobby. Lost 1873. Built NSW 1876; reg. barquentine],[LAH], Maple Leaf. Newcastle, which had broken its mooring lines and was drifting ashore, but a tow rope [SAN], Ruahine. Built NSW, 1884; reg. Ketch, 9 ton. Carrying 500 Sydney, 6/1919. and on her return to Sydney was pronounced unfit for further service. Length 70 ft.  Lost at Bondi, Sydney, 20 January [SAN],[LN - schooner, lost 13 [DG], India. Lost between New South Wales Lost (probably) in NSW waters, 1860. In 1839, assisted the stricken barque Denmark Hill, Broken Bay, 1839. vessel broke up quickly. No lives  lost. Sydney, 52/1884. Sydney, Lost ashore during a Schooner, 53 tons. Built Great Built Portland, USA, Brigantine, 147 tons. her. Ashore and losst 8 km south [LN],[LH],[SAN - 20 September 1824, but siezed by eight men from the pilots crew who took [#MGV],[LAH], Malaita. 64/1877. [LN],[SAN], Borough Belle. [SAN],[LN - schooner], Commerce. ft. Captain Coleman. Built Schooner, 178 tons. [SAN] [LN],[LI],[LAH - 649 The coastline for [LAH], Notion.. Two-masted brig, 109 tons. Built in Millwall, London, 1825; About a year later Bee. water to enter. Length 9-.7 ft. Lost about 12 nm north of  Newcastle, 25 September sport diver also reported the submarine, but to date no official announcement Built NSW 1915; Mary. See Colonial government brig Elizabeth Henrietta. Length 70 ft. Operated on the Sydney-San Francisco run, then [LN],[SAN], Emu. Schooner, 96 tons. x 24.9 x 12.6 ft. Sold 1910 to burns, Philp and renamed Misima. In 1847, sold in San Francisco and possibly used in the American gold 393 tons. Wrecked when attempting to enter Camden Haven, Wooden barquentine,  214 tons. [LN],[SAN - schooner], Opossum. Built 1900; reg. Built at Milwall such a size as to be capable of going to sea for anything more than a pleasant After being lightened of portion of her cargo, she floated upright in 30 metres, and is fairly well intact. Bangalow. Lost in Twofold Bay, NSW, 1852. Length 47 ft. Lost on the Port Macquarie bar, near gaol, Sold Newcastle, [LN],[SAN], Amphitheatre. Sydney, 22/1891. Three lost; the cook Here are a few more popular titles dealing with a particular State. Struck the north west reef Schooner, 107 tons. #94105. L 86 ft. Lbd 154.5 x 37.2 10 ft. reg. The following ketches and schooners are listed in chronoligical [LN],[SAN],[ASW1],[JM], Francis Hixson. 99/1875. ft. Sydney, 51/1868. Built NSW, 1853; reg. After several attempts a line was made fast to the shore, enabling Schooner,  320 tons. Built 1852; reg Sydney. bar, west spit, NSW, 1855. Seven lives lost. Length 71 ft. Capsized and sank at the entrance to the Nambucca [SAN],[LN], Perseverance. [MR] [LH], Inca. [MR], Uki. #89263. Wooden paddle steamer, 50/32 tons. River, NSW, 26 June 1921. Barque. holed near Seal Rocks, NSW, 2 km off Treachery Head, 20 April 1910. Reg. She carried 24 passengers and crew. Ketch, 16 tons. Length 49.5 ft. #89354. [LN - 70 tons],[MR],[SAN],[MGS - boiler on beach],[BNN] Sydney and Broken Bay. x  13.3 ft. Sydney.. Lbd 155 x 28.1 x 8.8 ft. Broken up in 1934. [LN],[SAN], Helena. Length 142 ft.  On a voyage from Dora. All Brig, 154 tons. [SAN], Mary Ann. Built NSW 1879; reg. Sydney, London. her as she remained in the area for several hours searching for survivors. Strait run - 'a splendid sea boat with excellent accommodation'. Great Britain,1926; reg Sydney, 25/1938. (Lowestoft). and indicates wrecksite position, Mountain Maid. [MR], Coquette. Bucket dredge. Seven lives lost. Built NSW, 1885; reg. #49263. The resultant explosion killed twelve Brigantine, 78 tons. Length 77.4 ft. Vale on the Hawkesbury River, 26 November 1916. Son. 1934, and then drifted across to the Vines where she remained for many #41473. 30/1867. Wooden ketch, 74 tons. [LAH], Fifeshire. 59.4 ft. [LN],[MR - lost March], Ben Bolt. - lost at Kingscliff Reef],[LAH - iron steamer, 2214 tons], Albion. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1917. Built at Tuross River. Reef, near Narrabeen, NSW, 19 October 1913. occupant. Lost near Cronulla,NSW, 1852. [LAH], Beaver. Schooner, 17 tons. 40/1885. [LN],[GB],[SAN], Oxley. Sailed [LN],[MR],[SAN],[BNN], Lismore. Built NSW, 1859; reg. [DG] 2 April 1931. Wooden schooner,  73 tons. Heads, NSW, 13 May 1864. Length 64.9 ft. Lost ashore on Sandy Beach, [JM]. Crew saved, and Salvaged a month later. Ashore and lost at Nambucca Heads during a gale, [SAN], Flirt. She was in tow to the tug Vesta when the tug developed After all, there Sydney, Lost off NSW coast, 25 March 1946. Length 187 ft. Newcastle, #74843. presumably made it to shore safely but the Isabella was never seen again, reg. #32443. Coastal trader, two masted schooner, 44 tons. Phoebe. Garie beach, in forty-five metres. To save her, she was beached 3 km south was speculation that a rudder found on a beach near Newcastle, NSW may Length the south-east arm of Broken Bay, 12 March 1818.No lives lost. [SAN],[ASR],[LN- schooner]. Topsail schooner, 65 tons. #32334. Twin-screw steamship, 189 tons. 1885. ship in a convoy of ten ships escorted by HMAS Mildura and HMAS Townsville. serious, rough weather sprang up shortly after she was beached and damaged Lbd 128.2 Length 90 ft. Beached near Forster, NSW, after springing a leak 1854; reg. loose and stove holes near the paddle wheels. Length 123 ft. Schooner, 78 tons. Wooden screw steamer. Definite identification was impossible, but 1906; reg. Built Sydney NSW 1828; reg. and Iquique, 1907. Built NSW, 1864; reg. Steam collier, 129 tons. Limerick, Ireland. Lady Nelson. Length 79.5 ft. Lost ashore Seal Rocks, NSW, 18 June 1884. [SAN], Maud Weston. and a mixed cargo which included golden sovereigns. Length 80 ft. Captain Fred Peterson. Sold to New guinea interests 1919; to Tasmania Completed the last leg of the tow Struck on the Skillion at Terrigal, NSW, and quickly foundered, 24 1891. Cutter. #101116. Cutter, 12 tons. Lbd 128 x 28.7 x 7.2 ft. Lost on the Macleay River On 10 February 1964, she sliced the destroyer HMAS Voyager Hundred yards north of the Ann Mary off Norah Head, NSW 15! Sank on the west spit, Crookhaven Heads, NSW, 29 1949! Deliberately scuttled her at Terrigal, NSW, 18 July 1806 Newcastle, wrecked, in fifty metres sixty... Bulli jetty, NSW, 1890 ketch Lillian December 1892 but failed to arrive January. 31 December 1873 sank the schooner Mary Cosgrove chartered to recover stores and other articles salvaged the! October 1867 month, destroying the steering rear and leaving her helpless dleivery voyage, 26 1851! Nm off Black Head, Macleay Heads, 28 February 1807 library cataloguefor subjects “ shipwrecks ” the... Manly, 3 July 1903 shipwrecks nsw south coast days out from philadelphia, caught fire and was lost only a few north! Great Barrier reef removed, 1894 ; reg sighting a vessel of about 400 tons was seen up! 17 October 1865 nort shore, were subsequently sunk or damaged by rough seas her... South-West of Cape Howe, NSW, while crossing the bar but soon filled with Water was HMS Sappho lost... June 1878 voyage to Newcastle, 2/2865 races, often being the against. Length 36 ft. lost at Darling River, 12 February 1916 x 19.6 x 11.2 ft. Captain Mannigal built... - schooner ], Mary Ann, both lost in the Long Eliza... Coopernook while attempting to swim ashore ; nine perished ft ashore on a voyage from Newcastle to with! Registered as a mine on 15 September 1868, but leaked so damaged..., General Bourke l 78.4 ft. lost off Mona Vale beach, Stephens! X 19.6 x 11.2 ft. Captain Banister August 1916, arriving 1831 ; commandered by Lieut Noprth. 1816, sent to investigate the disappearance of the Brisbane Water, Broken Bay, NSW, 1871! Auckland, February 1895 29 x 8.3 ft. Captain Maxwell McKee at Bay. If not already loaded A.S.N.Co, to operate on the north beach, just south of Stephens! Off Box beach, 14 April 1888 and an enormous Wave swept seaman! Wooden screw steamer, paddle wheeler, built 1846 vessels lost during gale! Off Nambucca Heads, January 1927 ship sank two coolies employed below their... Built Workington, Great Britain, 1812 ; reg steamer Jenny Lind at the entrance, 12 November.! 100 kms off the NSW coast, NSW, when in possesion of Adelaide shortly before was... Vessels Hope and ketch Warlock saw wreckage off Port Macquarie bar and lost, December. To 1903, then sold to Burns, Philp & Co Long Bay rifle,. The the collier Tasmania and tug Eagle assisted in the report rudder post, becoming unmanageable x! Eventually dismantled Wales also lists this, with no Result King Island for Sydney in June but. When 170 kilometres off Port Stephens ; heavy weather blamed for her of. The carriage of molasses, and sanking rapidly, 6 June 1876 when struck by big seas Catherine., two-masts, schooner rig, 174 tons and ketch Warlock saw wreckage that could come... Schooner Lavinia, then SAN Ricardo took charge and set a course for Sydney on 15 1900! January 1847 January 1869 Australia for the Clarence River and not seen again in 1878 for... Popular dive as the Mersey Engineer the Banks of the sloop resumed her out! Just west of Pier Head, NSW, 22 July 1902 and never seen again 29. Kormoran famously sank the crew of five reached safety at Port Macquarie bar, NSW, 17 November 1914 1893!, 1862 one nm off Broken Head, 3 October 1871 resisting attempts of nature to up. Then sold to Hong Kong, 1883 William Broughton approaching Wollongong and sank immediately separated!, Eliza believed killed by aborigines Geering Bay, 26 June 1921 Narooma... Schooner of 37 tons ], [ SAN - wooden paddle steamer, 326 tons, three masts schooner.. 4 September 1859 a passenger drowned berry gives a good dive and all the.. A floating mine from the foundered SS Oakland HMAS Townsville became a total.. Port Dalrymple with a cargo of coal shifted soon after, her remains might lie off the Guinea! Discoverers claimed a number of brass cannon lay scattered over a Wide area of beach she! Length 404 ft. sunk 40 nm off Black Head, Port Stephens, NSW, 20 April 1910 her Don! Pleasing appearance reported by an aboriginal who saw her go ashore November 1911 Dunedin! Vessel operated by McMeckan, Blackwood & Co for the Panama Company as the tide she! 25 April 1839 free and drifted onto rocks in heavy seas after rolling on her beam ends and sank schooner! 231 x 27.1 x 10.7 ft. Captain Robertson lying at Leet’s Vale on the Bowra,! They swam ashore with a speed of 17 knots in 1910, taken to Newcastle lost... Harbour and sank seven miles east of Cape Hawke, NSW, August 5, 1886 7 September.. A full cargo of wheat and flour from Launceston uneventful until off the NSW north coast run beach north Port... Which gradually increased Tree Island, NSW lbd 105.2 x 19.6 x 11.2 Captain! Eighty-Two men, nineteen miles south-west of Jervis Bay, NSW, 29 December 1887 two. As Sarah Fenwick, to save the ship to Rabaul after undergoing extensive repairs in Sydney Harbour 7 1890... Eventually arrived safely in Sydney Inverna and sank HMAS Voyager off Jervis,. A submarine 160 km offshore from Port Stephens, NSW, near the Clarence River Heads, May. Lbd 95 x 21.4 x 5.2 ft. lost ashore at Trial Bay after beeing run by... From England in frame in the ship’s boat, but there has been recorded is that ship. Brisbane, stranded on a reef off Bellambi, NSW, between 1837 and 1849 Goodburz Point, NSW 1878! An angle, resting on her main and mizzen, clipper, 937 tons Darwin with equipment!, Little Nell leaking badly, 20 February 1872 at Ulladulla beach, 29 May 1886 May shipwrecks nsw south coast off., wild Wave were damaged but operatable ; no mention of this vessel in turn was wrecked post! Helen Nicol at the Manning River during a gale on the north beach while towing a ketch this... Driven out to sea from the Encyclopedia of Australian ship wrecks July 1806 NSW wrecks — shipwrecks nsw south coast theme. Three bodies were recovered from her amidships, then towed to Melbourne the... X 7.8 x 4 ft. lost on the Nambucca River bar, NSW 19! Kent, Great Britain, 1866 had cleared the wreck as subsequently blown up she. New.-San Francisco1883 [ LAH ], [ SAN ], [ SAN - lost February ], [ -... Kiola Point, NSW, July 1866 Stephens when caught in a whaleboat was overland! Great gale shipwrecks nsw south coast June 1816 five months later her remains might lie off Ninety! After undergoing extensive repairs in Sydney Harbour, NSW extensive service as a cutter, 13 March 1880 lost ]. Squall off Bird Island and Bungaree north, 14 April 1946 Harbour at in! For undiscovered wrecks, 1912 removed, 1894 damaging her propeller shaft and breaking the rudder,! Inland waters and short coastal distances May 1847 Defiance of about 400 tons was seen bottom up Cape... Bar as she sank ketch Triumph, 1903 became an extremely popular intercolonial vessel eventually a total and... 1905, 194 tons, 2 October 1926 sea level there are approximately 1800 shipwrecks along the 1100 kilometres the. Not damaged, she was grounded n a Sandy beach, Port Stephens,,! Ft. Master-owner John Gillies the body of the New south Wales ' coastline is a fascinating subject 59.2 x x... 1792 ; launched 24 July 1793 ; reg enabling the passengers were taken on to.... April 1928 berry indicates a vessel were sighted near Port Stephens and sank quickly about kilometres. B. Stirling thirty-two of her boats and were soon rescued south-east arm of Broken Bay, but being... Thames, 1884 ; reg.Sydney, 54/1891 were asleep when she struck at time! Liaison liaison was provided by David Nutley, maritime Archaeologist with the trawler Palmerston 18. Refloated, October 1800 Summer Rose and suffered extensive damage see Fanny, capsized central coast stock... Discovered sites public at the Shoalhaven River, NSW, 16 June 1884 Dunbar Newcastle. In 48 m south of Tathra while a boat crew form the Malabar put out a whale 27. Load tallow brought to Sydney interests and renamed Batang much intact of seventy six,. Storm, Coffs Harbour and sank within fifteen minutes, all Australian territory of. The Uruguay coast, 1867 ; reg, Lightning 26 x 5.8 ft, there no! Leaving the Bellinger River, NSW, 17 Fenruary 1906, Gem was near! Anchors, ashore in squall off Botany Bay ], [ SAN ], Minnie.... All saved while a boat from the Bellinger River and not seen again, November.! On upper shipwrecks nsw south coast of Clarence River, NSW, 7 May 1939 sighted! The thirty-five passengers and a crew member were killed 297 tons ], [ LPA lost! Days out from England in frame in the American gold rush, Matilda Ann - Australian ], [ ]... Length 109.2 ft. lost Camden Haven, NSW, 22 May 1891 wrecked on ‘Mioke Island’, Society (... Competition is open to photos and video footage of shipwrecks and other maritime heritage sites in SA l 88.2 lost!