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2018 Competition

The 2018 winners have been announced! View the results.


Please visit the troubleshooting section if you encounter any problems with your equipment.

2020 Maker Competition!

Want to change the world? Enter this competition and show us how you see the future built with physical computing elements like Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and MaKey MaKey kits. At the same time, you'll have a chance to work together to learn about new, exciting ways to bridge the physical and digital worlds using both hardware and software.

Theme (STEMM Toys): In this month-long competition, make a physical demo of your idea or concept to get children interested in STEMM subjects. All kinds of prototyping tools will be available. You could then use your demo to showcase in your school-trips or outreach activities such as in science festivals.

Prizes: Win from a pot of £700!

Task: Form a team of about equal number of Medical and Science students and make something inspiring from the kits we will lend you. A group of judges from both inside and outside of the College of Science and College of Medicine will decide on winners.

Signup Link: After forming a team, register using the MakerComp signup page

Advance Request for Components: Each team will be loaned a kit of containing a Raspberry Pi, MaKey MaKey, Arduino starter kit and more (see The Kit). If you will need any additional components, please request them using the form as sson as possible.

Here are a few example projects to help spark your imagination!

Also, make sure to check out previous years' Maker Competitions in the following compilation.


The competition will be held over five weeks on the following dates:

Launch event

Wednesday 26th Feburary (2:00pm) - Seminar Room, Institute of Life Science 1 - Free Pizza 🍕

Maker Workshops

Wednesday 4th March (2:00pm) - Seminar Room, Institute of Life Science 1, Singleton Campus

Wednesday 11th March (2:00pm) - Makerspace, Computational Foundry, Bay Campus

Wednesday 18th March (2:00pm) - Makerspace, Computational Foundry, Bay Campus

The Final

Wednesday 25th March (2:00pm) - Final - Research Crucible, Computational Foundry, Bay Campus

For more info contact: or visit the Maker Competition Facebook Group.


  1. Teams must comprise of about equal number of Medical and Science students.
  2. You agree to having your creations displayed (on the web, in print, at the exhibition etc).
  3. You agree to use all the kit responsibly and entirely under the conditions it is designed and return it to us at the end of the competition.

The Kit

Each box contains the following items:


Raspberry Pis

Here are some known issues we have heard about with respect to the Raspberry Pis.

  1. Faulty Memory Cards.
    You might get intermittent boot problems if you have a faulty memory card. Sometimes the RPi might not even recognise it. This is likely the case if you get errors such as: "xxx controller never released inhibit bit(s)" followed by many and various xxx timeout errors. If this is the case, bring in the faulty card, and we will give you a new one that works.
  2. Power supply problems.
    1. The RPi requires at least 700mA and 5v to run properly. You might run into booting-related problems if you have both the keyboard and mouse (or indeed any other USB device) plugged into the RPi while it boots. If you are affected by this, try booting the RPi with nothing plugged into the USB ports and plug in your USB devices once boot is complete.
    2. The RPi is powered via Micro-USB. The mains power cable provided in the box of equipment should only be used for the USB hub, into which you can plug the supplied Micro-USB cable to power the RPi. Any other powered USB port should work, too (though see point a, above). Although the mains power cable fits into, and appears to power the RPi, the blue socket is actually an audio jack - using the components in this way will produce unexpected results and most likely damage the RPi.

Other Problems

If you are aware of any other issues with the kit you have been given, the chances are that others are experiencing similar problems.

You can share your problems by posting them to the Facebook Maker Group, or by emailing us directly at and we will try to help sort them out.