Timothy Neate

Researcher, Swansea University


I am currently a Research Officer in the FIT Lab in the Department of Computer Science at Swansea University. I work on the Breaking the Glass project, which looks to pioneer hands-in and hands-on interaction on deformable mobile display surfaces. My research generally focuses around displays. I am interested in the way we can augment our experience with technology by conveying information in unconventional ways. Principally, I focus on shape-changing, multi-device and multi-modal contexts.

Recent Publications

Below you can find my recent peer reviewed work. For more information and a full publication list, head to my Google Scholar or my ResearchGate page.


I have reviewed papers for several conferences and journals and am a regular reviewer for CHI, TVX, Mobile HCI, TEI, etc. Also, I am currently a Web and Social Media Chair for Mobile HCI 2017 and was previously an AC for TVX 2017.

I am really interested in promoting interdisciplinarity in academia. Therefore, at Swansea, I run the College of Science Lunchtime Talks Series (CoS Talks) which is funded by the College of Science with the goal of bringing together researchers from around the college's 6 departments. If you want to represent your field in the university with a 3 minute short talk, do contact me.


FIT Lab, Room 503

Faraday Tower, Swansea University

Swansea, SA2 8PP, UK

Internal phone: 2693

timothy dot neate at swansea dot ac dot uk

Last updated 31/03/17