Simon Robinson

Research Officer, FIT Lab

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I'm a research officer in the Future Interaction Technology Lab at Swansea University, working with Matt Jones and Jen Pearson.

My research focuses on mobile interactions designed with and for people in rural or developing regions where connectivity and technology availability are often low. I also have a particular interest in low-attention, engaging, sensor-based interactions with mobile devices. My PhD thesis explored and developed these sorts of techniques, proposing Eyes-Off Physically Grounded Mobile Interaction. My book There’s Not An App for That, co-authored with Matt Jones and Gary Marsden, explores these and related topics in depth.

My work has been part of the EPSRC-funded Reshaping the expected future, Breaking the glass, Scaling the rural enterprise, Community-generated media for the next billion and Multimodal, negotiated interaction in mobile scenarios projects. Please see the publications below or my additional work page for more details.

I currently teach the undergraduate module “Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction” (CS-200) – see Blackboard for course materials.



  1. “There’s Not An App for That: Mobile User Experience Design for Life” – Simon Robinson, Gary Marsden and Matt Jones.

    Available to order from Amazon. Find out more at

Conference papers

  1. S. Robinson, J. Pearson, M. Jones, A. Joshi, S. Ahire, “Better Together: Disaggregating Mobile Services for Emergent Users” Accepted to appear in Proceedings of MobileHCI 2017, Vienna, September 2017.
  2. J. Pearson, S. Robinson, C. Coutrix, M. Jones, “Evaluating Deformable Devices with Emergent Users” Accepted to appear in Proceedings of MobileHCI 2017, Vienna, September 2017.
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  4. S. Robinson, J. Pearson, M. Jones, “PosterPointing: Making Paper Displays Interactive Using Mobile Devices” In Proceedings of AfriCHI 2016 (pages 170–175), Nairobi, November 2016.
  5. S. Robinson, C. Coutrix, J. Pearson, J. Rosso, M. Torquato, L. Nigay, M. Jones, “Emergeables: Deformable Displays for Continuous Eyes-Free Mobile Interaction” In Proceedings of CHI 2016 (pages 3793–3805), San Jose, May 2016. Awarded honourable mention.
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  22. S. Robinson, P. Eslambolchilar, M. Jones, “Point-to-GeoBlog: Gestures and Sensors to Support User Generated Content Creation” In Proceedings of MobileHCI 2008 (pages 197–206), Amsterdam, Sept. 2008.

Journal articles

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  2. S. Robinson, J. Pearson, M. Jones, “AudioCanvas: Interactive Audio Photos” In Advances in Printing and Media Technology XLI(I):133–136 (Proceedings of IARIGAI 2014, Swansea, September 2014). Awarded third prize for best paper.
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Workshop items, works-in-progress, late-breaking work & demos

  1. C. Steer, J. Pearson, S. Robinson, M. Jones, “Deformable Paint Palette: Actuated Force Controls for Digital Painting” Accepted to appear in CHI 2017 Late-Breaking Work, Denver, May 2017
  2. C. Steer, S. Robinson, M. Jones, “Hands On With Nature: Designing Tangible Interactions With Plants” In NatureCHI 2016: Workshop on Unobtrusive User Experiences with Technology in Nature, San Jose, May 2016.
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  1. S. Robinson, “Eyes-Off Physically Grounded Mobile Interaction”. PhD Thesis, Swansea University, October 2012.

Publications and further information are also available from ACM, DBLP or Google Scholar profiles. Details of other work, such as theses, internships, workshops, invited demos and talks are available on the additional work page.


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