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Richard Roberts
Computer Science
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Richard Roberts

PhD Student in Computer Science

MSc (Distinction) Computer Science (Swansea University)

BSc (2:1) Business Management (Marketing) (Swansea University)


I am currently in the process of completing my PhD in Data Visualisation. I am funded by KESSII and QPC Ltd.. Previously I was employed at Swansea univsrsity as a Research Assistant where I collaborated with the same industry partner QPC Ltd. to help them develop software to visually analyse their data. A large aspect of this project was knowlege transfer, whereby time was invested in demonstrating the utility of visualisation within business, and we got the opportunity to work alongside a data oriented company and learn how the software development process works in industry.

Within my research group I have collaborated on a number of projects from SciVis to Survey papers. I have been involed in the development of Healthcare visualisation software as well as visualisation of foam similations.

PhD work

Visualizing Customer Journeys Through the Call Centre Landscape

My research mainly involves the analysis of customer data through visualisation, currenly focusing on large call center data sets. My supervisors are Dr. Robert Laramee and Dr. Sean Walton.


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