Learning Outcomes

    Students will be made familiar with:
  • the basic concepts behind C/C++ programming languages, two very much used programming languages by the IT industry, will be learnt;
  • the know-how of applying C/C++ programming to High-Performance Computing (HPC), including knowledge on both HPC architectures and parallel algorithms.

Suggested Reading

TBA as lecturing proceeds.
  • Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++, Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs, Scott Meyers.

Course Texts

  • The C Book (online reference manula for C)
  • If you want a hard copy, suggestion is: "The C Programming Language", Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie.
  • MPI Programming (Book TBA).
  • Electronic format lecture notes will be provided.

Lecture Slides

    Slides will be made available on Blackboard.
    If you still do not have access to Blackboard you can download them from here.



Contacts and Office Hours

    Dr. Rita Borgo
    Office: Room 308, Farady Tower
    Email: r.borgo at swansea dot ac dot uk

    Office Hours: Wednesday 12.00-13.00, Friday 16.00-17.00.