The OKlibrary

The OKlibrary is an open-source research platform and generative library for generalised SAT solving (released under GPLv3).

Current status

On-line documentation

The local documentation gives access to the "local home page", the index page for the documentation as on your system.

Communication happens via the following mailing list:

  1. users


The download directory contains three kind of packages:

  1. Minimal packages, with just the repository (also checked out) and the directory scaffolding.
  2. Standard packages, which contain additionally the pre-created documentation (so that is doesn't need to be built).
  3. Full packages, which additionally contain also all sources for external sources used by the library.

If in doubt, then download the full package.

For downloading single external sources, go to the OKplatform directory.

The public source-code repository

As an open-source library, you can participate in the development process, and/or clone/fork the platform:

Remarks on the release process

Some remarks regarding the packages (aspects which might be unusual):

Oliver Kullmann

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