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Documentation on how to build Asciidoc. More...

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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build Asciidoc.

Installing Asciidoc

On the purpose of Asciidoc

  • Asciidoc is a prerequisite for installing Git (see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/docus/Git.hpp).
  • See http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/ for the Asciidoc home page (where also documentation can be found).
  • Often Asciidoc is already installed; if not it should be supplied by your Linux distribution.
  • Otherwise we supply a system-installation (no local installation, since this appears to be difficult).
  • The purpose of Asciidoc is to translate text files in AsciiDoc format to DocBook, HTML or LinuxDoc format.

Current state of installation

  • Recommended version = 8.2.5
  • Asciidoc program call = asciidoc
  • Ready: MAYBE
    • location = /usr/bin/asciidoc
    • version = 8.6.6

How to install

Only system-wide installation.

Make targets

asciidoc Install the recommended version of asciidoc.
cleanallasciidoc Remove build directory.


  • To install a different version of Asciidoc, set variable asciidoc_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.

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