GreenTao.hpp File Reference

Tools for generating Green-Tao hypergraphs More...

#include <vector>
#include <cassert>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <limits>
#include <utility>
#include <gmpxx.h>

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class  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::First_prime_numbers< UInt >
 Functor for computing the first n prime numbers as a std::vector. More...
class  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::GreenTao< UInt >
 Class for creating GreenTao hypergraphs. More...
class  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::Sizes_strata_indmon< Vertices, Hyperedges >
 Given an ordered hypergraph, compute the sizes of the strata given by the maximum element of hyperedges. More...
class  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::Accumulate_l< V, Num >
 Changes a vector of pairs in-place, replacing the second components by the accumulated sums. More...


namespace  OKlib

All components of the OKlibrary.

namespace  OKlib::Combinatorics

The part of the OKlibrary for general combinatorics.

namespace  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs

Supermodule for dedicated hypergraph algorithms.

namespace  OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators

Hypergraph generators at C++ level.


template<typename UInt >
First_prime_numbers< UInt >
OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::first_prime_numbers (const UInt n)
template<class Vertices , class Hyperedges >
Sizes_strata_indmon< Vertices,
Hyperedges >::result_type 
OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::sizes_strata_indmon (const Vertices &V, const Hyperedges &H)
template<typename V , typename Num >
void OKlib::Combinatorics::Hypergraphs::Generators::accumulate_l (std::vector< std::pair< V, Num > > &vector)

Detailed Description

Tools for generating Green-Tao hypergraphs

Definition in file GreenTao.hpp.