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Plans for the module on Hamiltonian paths (cycles etc.) More...

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namespace  OKlib::HamiltonianPaths

Active clause-sets to search for Hamiltonian paths etc.

namespace  OKlib

All components of the OKlibrary.

Detailed Description

Plans for the module on Hamiltonian paths (cycles etc.)

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Given a graph G, the alliance expressing the Hamiltonian path (cycle) property has variables v_1, ..., v_n for n = |V(G)| with domains V(G), and two active clause-sets:
  • injectivity (bijectivity) for v_1, ..., v_n
  • v_i, v_{i+1} must get adjacent vertices in G (if considering Hamiltonian cycles, then this wraps around); call this active clause-set the adjacency constraint.

This is a special case of graph-embedding (embedding a path resp. a cycle).

One could add "opportunistically" some elements of the bijectivity constraint to the adjacency constraint; for example if there are v_i and v_j such that the minimal distance between their possible values in G is larger than the distance between i and j, then the current partial assignment is unsatisfiable (an extreme case here is given by a disconnected G) --- this inconsistency cannot be anticipated by any of the two active clause-sets alone (but must be realised by the alliance). Is there a general method behind that, leading to a meaningfully strengthened adjacency constraint?! Perhaps it is better (this might also be true in general) to create new active clause-sets capturing these constraints (for example a "distance constraint", maintaining that the minimal distance in G of the possible values of any two vertices v_i and v_j is not larger than the distance of i and j).
Creating a catalogue with Hamiltonian graphs and non-Hamiltonian graphs (for creating benchmarks).
Are there competitions on the subject?
The Hamiltonian Path/Cycle problem is a special case of the graph embedding problem: The adjacency constraint just has to consider a general graph G_0 with vertices v_1, ..., v_n instead of the path resp. cycle on v_1, ..., v_n. One needs good data structures for the adjacency constraint.
The graph isomorphism problem (see module Isomorphisms) is a special case of the graph embedding problem: How do graph embedding algorithms perform on graph isomorphism problems?

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