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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build Maxima.

Installing Maxima

On the purpose of Maxima

Maxima is a computer-algebra system, written in Lisp. It is our entry-level language, used for procedural specifications and experimental (smaller) computations.

What the installation yields

  • The main maxima-executable (an interactive console).
  • Documentation.
  • DISABLED Access to the the "Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences" as provided by Alexey Beshenov (http://beshenov.ru/maxima/eis/):
    1. See the demo-file in the installation directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/Maxima/ecl/Eis/eis-maxima for the search interface.
    2. However note that no load is necessary (since automatically performed by oklib).
    3. The database is directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/Maxima/ecl/Eis/A

Normally, the user doesn't need to interact with Maxima directly, but can use oklib --maxima (see Buildsystem/MasterScript/docus/general.hpp).

Current state of installation

How to install


  • For building and running Maxima the default Lisp is Ecl.
  • Moreover, the default is a locally installed Ecl, which needs to be installed before; see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/docus/Ecl.hpp.
  • The Ecl-version used for building Maxima is hard-wired into the Maxima installation:
    1. So the specific Ecl-installation in directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/Ecl used for installing Maxima may not be removed.
    2. With the current settings this Ecl-installation would be /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/Ecl/
    3. Installing different Ecl-versions later on the other hand does not affect the already built Maxima-installation.
    Analogous statements hold for CLisp (which may be used alternatively).
  • The Maxima draw command (as well as graph_draw) uses Gnuplot (http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net), and version 4.2 or later is required. It can be installed locally as below (creating a link to the binary in the OKplatform/bin directory).

Make targets

maxima Build the recommended version of Maxima.
allmaxima Build first Ecl (locally), then Gnuplot (locally), and then Maxima.
cleanmaxima Removes the build-directory.
cleanallmaxima Removes the build-, installation- and documentation-directories.
cleanallallmaxima Invokes cleanallecl,cleanallgnuplot,cleanallmaxima.
gnuplot Build the recommended version of Gnuplot.
cleangnuplot Removes the build-directory.
cleanallgnuplot Removes the build and installation-directories.


  • To install a different version of Maxima, set variable maxima_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.
  • To install a different version of Gnuplot, set variable gnuplot_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.
  • To install CLisp, set maxima_lisp_name_okl=clisp (while the default value is "ecl").

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