Bug List
File AdvancedEncryptionStandard.hpp
DONE (Added missing "_rijn" specifier) Sbox vector calculation yields wrong size
File Annotations.hpp
File AppendDimacs.cpp
Incomplete specification : DONE
File AssociativeContainers_Tests.hpp
The tests succeed though the inverted path for Autarkies/Search is wrong. It seems these tests are not performed.
File BooleanFunctions.hpp
DONE (added additional entries to the configuration specific to the source directories) False build for Espresso
File Boost.hpp

DONE (explicit linking to libboost_regex required, when using the Graphviz components of the Graph library) Linking error (on csoberon)

Defect boost-installation for fixed gcc-4.1.2 : DONE

Missing documentation for Boost

DONE (Removed stale instructions and tested) Stale renaming instructions

File CardinalityConstraints.hpp
DONE Nonsensical documentation
File CardinalityConstraints.mac

DONE All tests regarding UCP (and unary encoding) must be removed.

DONE okltest_unary_bb_totaliser_r_fcl_comb is a no-op

File Consensus.hpp
Failing test okltest_con_alg2(con_alg2)
File ConstraintTemplateRewriteRules.hpp

Test failure with okltest_aes_mul3_pi_cst_cl

DONE (Tests wasn't updated after update to data) Test failure with okltest_aes_sbox_pi_cst_cl

File ConstraintTemplateSmallScaleRewriteRules.hpp
DONE (Tests weren't updated when a new smaller S-box was found) Test failure with okltest_ss_sbox_pi_cst_cl
File DataCollection.hpp

Incomplete data collection

Bad columns produced by run_ubcsat

Missing evaluation tools

File Doxygen.hpp
Doxygen uses system C++ libraries
File ExperimentalThreads.hpp
Parallelism::CounterWithMutex fails the test: Apparently an inconsistent copy-object is being used (so that CounterWithMutex::check asserts).
File FaronsPuzzle.hpp
When using symmetry breaking, the number of variables and clauses is not correctly computed.
File FieldOperationsAnalysis.mac

What is the meaning of the part commented out? MG -- ACTION REQUIRED!

DONE Tests take too much time for level basic. MG -- ACTION REQUIRED!

(DONE Tests now need expanding OK: what does this mean??? MG -- ACTION REQUIRED) Test functions only take ONE argument.

File Gcc.hpp

DONE (no system-libraries needed anymore) Local Gmp/Mpfr are not used (appropriately)

DONE (the internal build of Gmp+Mpfr does static linking; dynamic linking would be possible using the additional information from the gcc mailing list) How to use local Gmp + Mpfr?

DONE (works now; problems were Gmp,Mpfr related) Local build of Fortran fails (for 4.1.2)

File general.hpp
Error not detected
File general.hpp
Fix obsolete notations DONE
File general.hpp
Run not reproducible
File general.hpp

DONE RandomRUcpBases sorts clauses in ascending order of clause-length

DONE RandomRUcpBases defect

File general.hpp
DONE (updated tests; added todo for error cases) Can not update applications tests for AppendDimacs
File general.hpp
We should avoid any rounding errors in the output of CreateStatistics.cpp
File general.hpp

Mixing C and C++

Incorrect build of new tests I

Incorrect build of new tests II

File general.hpp
False counting of initial unit-clause eliminations
File general.hpp
analyse_random_permutations does not create experiment-directories
File general.hpp
DONE (new implementation of print_nlb doesn't have this problem) print_nlb doesn't allow lines more than 10000 characters long
File general.hpp
DONE (corrected kernel bug described in "Rerun time-sensitive experiments" of Experimentation/Investigations/plans/general.hpp) MiniSAT2 based solvers return incorrect times using experiment script
File HashMaps.hpp
DONE (removed the additional assumptions and tests) False assumption for testing hash-maps
File Marx2008.hpp
Update needed
File Maxima.hpp

DONE (now setting the memory-limits when loading Maxima; resetting them from the command-line is okay with Ecl, but setting them when loading a file is asking for too much) Maxima seg-faults when loading a file setting memory-limits

DONE (resolved with version 5.21.1) Strings cause errors in evaluation of expressions

File Mhash.hpp
MHash segmentation fault
File Numbers.hpp

Incorrect parameter checking

DONE Incorrect handling of Ramsey parameter tuples

Class OKlib::Parallelism::CounterWithMutex< N >
The problem likely is that after a copy-operation the copied object becomes invalid!
File PackageBuilding.hpp

DONE (it seems that sooner or later the space for the environment needs to be enlarged; perhaps bash version 3.2 or version 4 does that?) Package-building fails on csltok

Missing Annotations/definitions.mak : DONE

The binary coming with the package (for creating links) does not work on standard 32-bit platforms

File QuineMcCluskeySubsumptionHypergraph.hpp
DONE (tidied and specified output) Broken application tests
File QuineMcCluskeySubsumptionHypergraphFullStatistics.cpp

DONE (added missing template files) Application tests don't work

DONE (added missing template files) Application tests don't work

DONE (added missing template files) Application tests don't work

File R.hpp
DONE (doesn't show up on new laptop; might be language-related, since currently on the laptop also English is used, but so well) Can't output graphics
File Ramsey.hpp
ramseyrv_ohg handles r=0 incorrectly
File RandomShuffle.cpp
This file is stale, and has urgently to be removed by MG
File RandomShuffleDimacs.cpp
Seed should be uint32_t
File RecursiveDirectoryIteration_Tests.hpp
Checking for directories should not involve CVS-files! So the code commented out below must be corrected.
File SAT.hpp

Grasp uses system C++ libraries

DONE (now we offer a 32-bit version as well) Glucose build error

DONE (repackaged glucose correctly) False Glucose build

File Sbox_4.hpp
File Schur_BHR.cpp
Assertion in add_col fails after enumerating some solutions for upb=24
File SmallScaleAdvancedEncryptionStandard.hpp
DONE (Added missing final "true" in test) Test failure with level "full"
File TenChallenges.hpp
Reference to 10Challenges-directory does not work
File Translations.hpp

Test failure with okltest_ncl_ss

output_ss_fcl_std runs out of memory generating one round AES

DONE Bug not in the milestones

DONE (corrected statistics after updating minimum representations) Test failure

File Ubcsat.hpp

UBCSAT 1.0.0 reports wrong minimum number of falsified clauses

UBCSAT 1.0.0 segfaults with weighted MaxSAT instances

File UcpBase.hpp
DONE (resetting now old state of contradicting_ucl) Testcase Intransitive2 fails
File VanderWaerden.hpp
DONE App tests use obsolete tail syntax
File Visualisation.hpp
False labels at the leaves