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Plans for the local html pages (around the local home page) More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the local html pages (around the local home page)

Checking all links
  • We need to run from time to time a tool for checking the links on the local html pages.
  • And this on different types of machines.
Doxygen problems regarding stability of links
  • Directory-links are not the same on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms; see "Reference to 10Challenges-directory does not work" in Buildsystem/Html/Local/plans/TenChallenges.hpp.
  • DONE (apparently nothing has changed with version 1.6.3) This has been acknowledged as a Doxygen-bug, and shall be submitted to the Doxygen bug-tracking system. Though we need to check whether with newer doxygen-versions the problem might have been solved.
  • List of link-problems (using the make-variables for the addresses):
    1. tenchallenges_doxygen_directory (see above)
    2. licence_docu_page:
      1. On cs-wsok and csltok we have doxygen_html/d2/d59/OKlib_2System_2LegalIssues_2docus_2general_8hpp.html
      2. On cspcab2 and cs-oksvr we have doxygen_html/d3/dae/System_2LegalIssues_2docus_2general_8hpp.html
    3. main_docu_page:
      1. On csltok and cs-wsok we have doxygen_html/d5/d70/OKlib_2docus_2general_8hpp.html
      2. On another installation on csltok we have doxygen_html/d0/dfd/docus_2general_8hpp.html
      3. Also for a single installation on another 64-bit machine and on cs-oksvr we get the same address.
      4. Still the same problem with doxygen 1.7.1.
    4. main_demo_page:
      1. On csltok and cs-wsok we have doxygen_html/de/d71/OKlib_2demos_2general_8hpp.html
      2. For a different installation on csltok we get doxygen_html/dc/d5b/demos_2general_8hpp.html
      3. The same path also on the other 64-bit-machine already mentioned above and on cs-oksvr.
      4. Still the same problem with doxygen 1.7.1.
    5. Interesting that these two variations seem to be stable (there seem to be *only* these two possibilities)?!
    6. DONE (the problem shouldn't be related to having multiple installations) Since we are using the local doxygen-installation (due to using the variable doxygen_call_okl), there should be no interference between the two installations.
  • When introducing the new page Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/plans/Ecl.hpp, then the address for Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/docus/Ecl.hpp changed, so there is a problem with files with the same names. Notify the Doxygen mailing list.
Better general documentation
  • Also a special overview and introduction would be needed; ideal a video.

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