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Module for poker playing. More...

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Detailed Description

Module for poker playing.

  • Poker should have some combinatorial content. (But if the aspect of betting strategies, modelling players behaviour etc. is too strong, then it might not be a good candidate.)
  • This is mixed with probabilities, for which a good theory perhaps must be compiled in advance.
  • The advice could be a series of possible "best moves", with associated probability distributions about "what could be" and "what could happen".
  • Likely best to concentrate on standard poker, with several simplifications.
Definitions and probability calculations
  • At Maxima-level we need good representations of cards, hands etc., together with all probability calculations.
  • The next level then are computations for the first task in Poker playing, given a hand, choosing 0, 1 or 2 cards to be exchanged.
Poker assistant
  • We should make a clear distinction between the "real situation" and the "imagined situation": In the context of this library, a "poker assistant" is sought which analyses precisely the current factual situation, yielding a "useful" representation on which basis the player then can use his "psychological" and "strategic" skills for the next move.
  • Once one has a reasonable grasp on that, then one could go further, implementing a fully automated player.

Definition in file Poker.hpp.