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Main docus-file for the module on cryptanalysis. More...

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Detailed Description

Main docus-file for the module on cryptanalysis.

Cryptanalysis and SAT

Basic ideas

The basic idea is to bring together the "general intelligence" of SAT with the "special intelligence" of cryptography --- such unifications are one of the main goals of the OKlibrary.

  • Simple CNF transformation will not break any cryptosystem, but it is a start (when performed in a modular way, so that also more general decompositions, using constraints at various levels, are obtained).
  • The obvious decompositions into components, looking for "active clauses" stronger than clauses but still efficient, likely will still not break anything relevant, however it might reveil that in a sense for example block ciphers are in fact designed to withstand SAT attacks.
  • What is needed are novel decompositions, yielding non-trivial active clauses and active clause-sets, combined with powerful general SAT techniques.
  • Especially regarding Rijdael (AES) the integration of SAT and computational commutative algebra becomes interesting.

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