Version history OKlib
0.1.0 3/3/2006

Initial version number (here we just started versioning, while there has been work on the library for around 2 years).

0.1.1 11/12/2006
  • the buildsystem-architecture cleaned-up, improved documentation-building
  • new test-system further cleaned-up (especially regarding log-messages)
  • module Messages further expanded and improved
  • started with concepts and prototypes for literals and atomic conditions
  • planning activities on many parts of the library.
0.1.2 14/1/2007
  • the buildsystem-architecture further improved, improved building of external libraries and documentation
  • module Messages further expanded, new utilities
  • further clean-up of the new test system
  • concepts for literals and atomic conditions expanded.
0.1.3 8/2/2007
  • moving the buildsystem towards a specified and testable system
  • initial clean-up of module Messages
  • strengthened the new test system by systematically using message-classes.
0.1.4 2/4/2007
  • concepts cleaned-up, preparing a concentrated effort
  • buildsystem further moved towards a specified and testable system, and various doxygen-related improvements.
0.1.5 25/6/2007
  • most work in the buildsystem: new version control system Git, planning for the first release, various upgrades and improvements
  • completed the basic installation (and upgrading) of UBCSAT (in module LocalSearch), and established usage (in module Autarkies/Search)
  • various SAT-plans expanded (on hypergraph transversals, cryptanalysis, Sudoku, problem generators, reductions, resolution)
  • some advancements in programming (usage of threads, numerics, messages).
0.2.0 24/9/2007
  • complete overhaul of the buildsystem: installing the new configuration management system, improvement of build capabilities (including new masterscript oklib), established the local pages and the Internet pages with associated package building, extended documentation; also various external sources installed, and basic documentation provided
  • started complete restructuring of the directory structure (and of the associated namespaces)
  • starting overhauling the old OKsolver, removed bugs and making it compiling again; also other transfers regarding old code, and extended plans
  • various works on computer algebra and cryptology; started using Maxima (and Sage), and further plans
  • decided upon the licence and added appropriate texts to all major files
  • further investigations into distributed development (Git, mailing lists, etc.).
0.2.1 27/9/2008
  • ca. 80 releases since version 0.2.0
  • concentration on founding the Maxima/Lisp part, establishing the basic functionality of the system itself, and the basic concepts on (boolean) satisfiability problems, graphs, hypergraphs, matrices and cryptology and data structures
  • strengthening and further extensions of the buildsystem (new external sources, and improved package building and external participation)
  • refurbishing OKsolver-2002
  • general cleaning-up of the whole library
  • many plans.