GraphTraversal.hpp File Reference

Plans for the sub-module on graph-traversal. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the sub-module on graph-traversal.

Implement the generic graph_traversal algorithm from the CS-232 script (generic enough, and with enough event-points, so that protocolling and visualisation are possible).
  • The buffer concept is the same as in Boost::graph.
  • For the visitor concept we should look at the concept of "BFS Visitor" in Boost::graph.
  • The marking object should follow property maps from Boost::graph.
  • Yet we only manage undirected graphs?
Implement the main applications or graph_traversal from the CS-232 script
  • Visitor, buffer and marking objects, as supplied to graph_traversal, in most of these cases depend on the input graph. Perhaps one could have then an overloaded version with just one aggregate as input?
Graph traversal is a basic technique for all forms of applications of graph theory to SAT; a general overview on algorithms and implementations is needed, and also on overview on the potential applications.
  • Boost::breadth_first_search is verys similar to graph_traversal.
  • Boost::depth_first_search should be simulatable by graph_traversal.

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