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Plans on generators for Hindman-hypergraphs. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans on generators for Hindman-hypergraphs.

Class Generators::Hindman_k2
  • We need to use the new test system.
  • Since these hypergraphs could be very big, we should produce a "virtual" hypergraph, as a range of ranges:
    1. We need a simple concept of hypergraphs, which allows to output them as hypergraphs or as clause-sets.
    2. See Hypergraphs/concepts/plans/general.hpp.
    3. Likely we best employ the newest version of the Boost range-library; but then we need to eliminate first the Boost-related problems.
  • We should also have such a range-of-ranges hypergraph in some form at the Maxima/Lisp level.
  • However, first we supply a non-virtual version.
  • See the todos in OKlib/Combinatorics/Hypergraphs/Generators/Hindman.hpp.

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