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Plans for the module on cryptanalysis. More...

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namespace  OKlib::Cryptanalysis

Components for cryptanalysis via (generalised) SAT.

namespace  OKlib

All components of the OKlibrary.

Detailed Description

Plans for the module on cryptanalysis.

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  • Using alias "CrA".
  • Create declarations.hpp.
  • See <cite>MassacciMarraro2000DESSAT</cite>.
  • Is this easier or harder than AES to implement?
  • In analogy to the general structure of the translation as discussed in Rijndael.hpp we can also consider RSA, but here the two directions (encryption and decryption) are really different (and thus one cannot consider a combined translation).
  • For the encryption direction we have primary variables (m, (n,e), c).
  • For the decryption direction we have primary variables (m, (n,d), c).
  • Additionally, to get a better analogy, for both directions we use the private key (p, q, e) for the primary variables (in the encryption direction we derive (p*q, e) from it, in the decryption direction (p*q, d)).
  • Here definitely active clause-sets seem to be needed (while a boolean translation looks hopeless); however obviously one must break the computations of p*q and of d into smaller parts (so that strong active clause-sets are obtained).
MD4, MD5
  • In SAT2007 there is a paper regarding MD4 and MD5 (De, Kumarasubramanian, Venkatesan).

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