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Documentation on how to build Coq. More...

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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build Coq.

Installing Coq

On the purpose of Coq

Proof assistant for upper bound proofs (and extraction of related programs).

What the installation yields

  • The coq interpreter
    1. the coqtop program: The interactive console.
  • Documentation

Current state of installation

How to install

  • Only local installation currently.
  • The programming language Ocaml needs to be installed; see the installation page Ocaml installation page.
  • The default is to use the local (OKlib) installation of Ocaml.
  • For Coq version 8.1 the latest version of Ocaml which can be used is 3.09.3 (the successor version 3.10.0 has removed the deprecated usage of "pa_ifdef.cmo" used by Coq).

Make targets

coq Build the recommended version of coq.
coq-x.y.z Build the version x.y.z of coq (for example coq-8.1).

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