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Plans for the buildsystem-makefile. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the buildsystem-makefile.

  • Steps for making the test-system aware of a module:
    • Add make-variable "makefile_XXX" to Buildsystem/Makefile.
    • XXX is a shortened version of the module name.
    • The value of this make-variable is the path to the Makefile Module/makefile.
    • For example for the Experimentation/Investigations module, we add:
      makefile_investigations := $(OKsystem)/OKlib/Experimentation/Investigations/makefile
    • Add "makefile_XXX" to "OKlib_links" in Buildsystem/Makefile.
    • Run "oklib --prebuild" (and mention this in the Git-log-message), to install the new links.
  • These steps are not documented. They should appear in the docus.
Future of this makefile:
  • The ugly variable generic_dirs will vanish with the appearance of the masterscript "oklib" (which will call the appropriate makefile). And also all other links will likely vanish.
  • So the only task left is to create some directories? However this can be handled by Buildsystem/SetUp.mak.
  • So perhaps after the transition SetUp.mak is renamed to Makefile (taking over Buildsystem/Makefile.

Definition in file Makefile.hpp.