Maxima_Init.hpp File Reference

Plans regarding initialisation of Maxima. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding initialisation of Maxima.

DONE (now Ecl-memory-management only loaded for Ecl) Using CLisp
What memory-bounds?
  • Compare "Improve default_memory_ecl" in ComputerAlgebra/MaximaInternals/plans/MemoryManagement.hpp.
  • MG mentioned that increasing certain of the above values has a negative effect on others due to increased memory-consumption; MG should explore this.
  • Is frame_stack_ecl_okl too large?
  • Somewhere there must be another todo regarding using 32-bit machines (where we have now the special setting for heap_size_ecl_okl)?

Definition in file Maxima_Init.hpp.