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Plans for the main local page. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the main local page.

Complete local home page
  • Update tutorial and FAQ at least w.r.t. the current installation of the OKlibrary.
  • DONE Add a quick tutorial.
  • DONE Start a FAQ.
Improved logo
  • I (OK) played a bit around with Gimp, and managed to change the background colour to white, to cut out the scriptur, and to make it smaller (all quite simple): It seems better to me that the picture is basically just the scriptur, while the old version seemed too dominant to me.
  • Unclear how to handle background colours chosen by the user (different from our default). It seems one could make the background of the logo transparent, but then the colour of the scriptur becomes problematic. So perhaps if we want to use the logo, then we have to fix the background-colour?
  • The colour of the scriptur is a bit too lavenderish (a touch of darker blue perhaps).
  • Perhaps a tiny bit of space between "OK" and "library" (looks squeezed).
  • Comments on how the logo has been created are needed: We need a kind of a "generic template" (at least a procedure). Gimp is a powerful tool; perhaps we can describe how to create the logo with Gimp?
Meta tags : DONE
  • DONE (The meta tags for the home page and related pages seem alright) See "Search engines" in Buildsystem/Html/plans/general.hpp.
  • DONE All the documentation should be available (finally) on the web; thus the index page will become a publically available web page, and needs all the meta tags, and also all the other declarations available, about encoding, last change date etc..

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