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Plans for the documentation-extraction from the source-code. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the documentation-extraction from the source-code.

Problems with version 1.7.3
  • With an older Konqueror version pages are not shown correctly.
  • Under Firefox, the notes about OKlibrary at page-bottom is not shown.
    1. Actually it shows up at the very bottom, very small, and hardly readable.
    2. We need to investigate this, whether it is a bug of Doxyen, or whether we need to change something in our system.
    3. Has this to do with the old Firefox-version?
  • Under Firefox, the menus on the main-page extend to full depth and length, making them unusable.
    1. Hopefully this can be configured.
  • Firefox takes a long time to open pages.
    1. This is a rather old version --- is this better with newer versions?
  • So we wait at least until ok cs-wsok a new Linux is installed, and until the above problems have been solved.
  • Currently a part of Buildsystem/OKlibBuilding, the make-functionality under target "html" will move to Buildsystem/Html; see Buildsystem/plans/MasterScript.hpp.
  • The target "html" will then be split into targets for the local home page and for the doxygen-system; this sub-module here will be responsible for the doxygen-system. Or not? See below.
  • One the other hand, yet it's easier to handle html-goals via sub-makefiles of the OKlibBuilding-makefile, and also it's easier to have the rules for the local home page and for the doxygen-system?
  • But compiling programs etc. has not much to do with creating documentation, so documentation building should become an independent makefile in Buildsystem/Html; this means then that the oklib-masterscript needs to distinguish between "normal" and "html" goals (for calling the appropriate makefiles) ? Hm, this might collide with the general rule, that oklib just hands down all targets?
The role of documents_dir
  • The last action for target "documentation_index" is to copy the directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/OKsystem/documents to /home/csoliver/OKplatform/system_directories/doc/internet_html/doc.
  • This fills directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/system_directories/doc/internet_html/doc/documents.
  • Why do we need /home/csoliver/OKplatform/system_directories/doc/internet_html/doc/documents ?
  • Currently the local home page gets the documents from this directory, which is "documents_html_dir".
  • However, why don't we just use "documents_dir" ?
Doxygen error messages:
  • Perhaps the output of doxygen could be configured (only error messages, all output, etc.).
  • DONE Move aux/DoxygenErrorMessages to directory system_directories/log (and add suffix .txt; this filename is a configuration-variable).
Doxygen problems
  • In OKDatabase/CreateStatistic.cpp we have, within an unnamed namespace, the private member v of class Densities --- nevertheless doxygen claims, that at every other place, where an object is called v, this private member is referenced??? This looks like a clear doxygen-bug to me.
  • How to avoid false links (create by doxygen)?
    1. For example in satz215.2.c a struct "node" is defined --- now we get a link to that class wherever the word "node" occurs --- for example it occurs here: node.
    2. For C++ we have unnamed namespaces, where the members should not be referenced --- we should check this (since it appears that all .cpp-files are considered as linked together?).
    3. However for the example "node", we want to have this documented for the file satz215.2.c --- but nowhere else! How to achieve this?
    4. Obviously, using "%node" everywhere is not a solution. Contact the doxygen mailing list.
    5. Another, definitely nonsensic case, is the use of "w.r.t.", for example here: w.r.t. In this case, a *private* data member called "t" is referenced (as here: x.t)!
  • There are errors regarding stability of links; see "Doxygen problems regarding stability of links" in Buildsystem/Html/Local/plans/general.hpp.
Doxygen general
  • Instead of defining the exceptional macros by Doxyfile-tag PREDEFINED, we should use the tag EXPAND_AS_DEFINED (since we do not alter the definitions), however this does not work?
  • Can doxygen tell which other files include a file (not in graph form, but in text form)?
  • For functions there is a "callergraph" --- shall we use it?
  • How to avoid that a leading "include" in a Doxygen-comment is interpreted as a doxygen-command? And how to avoid that apparently certain "keywords" are captured by doxygen? The keyword-interpretation can be avoided by prefixing them with "%".
  • How to obtain general statistics: About the number of classes, lines of code, etc. (best with some statistics on the change over time) and then also on the version numbers of the modules (again with changes over time). If doxygen does not support it yet, then we should submit some feature request, and postpone this item. See what' in 1.5.3.
  • Documentation for other programming languages?
    1. makefiles ?
    2. cmake-files ?
    3. computer algebra ?
    A simple way would be
    1. just to allow verbatim processing of certain files
    2. additionally, one could have the possibility to define the doxygen-comments.
  • What is the role of the doxygen configuration tag BUILTIN_STL_SUPPORT? Should we enable this? : Enabled; it should help --- check.
  • Can we have nested lists? Numbered lists? These things should go into our general documentation --- or we have some example files, which demonstrate our use of doxygen : For simple lists we do it as here, otherwise we use the html-elements. Documented in the main documentation-document. However, how do they description-lists work?
  • Doxygen can create "man pages" --- what does this mean?
  • See the doxygen-related problems in Messages (should be solvable by expanding those macros) : DONE
  • How to integrate a *general* todo list into Doxygen? With xrefitem. However it seems we no longer need it : DONE
  • Can doxygen extract a list with all modules and their current version numbers? Installed module_version : DONE
  • We should get the newest configuration file, and transfer our information from the old configuration file : DONE
Doxygen menu and main page review
  • Sorting of file/directory lists should distinguish between capital and small first letters (as it is possible with Unix/Linux), so that "plans" etc. comes at the end.
  • Is the file list still needed (with version 0.1.4 of OKlib it was kind of useful to see for example how many files are documented)? Otherwise dropping it could make the system more user-friendly, by restricting the attention to the most appropriate choice?
  • Sometimes it would be good to show also other files (especially for Buildsystem). This is mainly the issue of how to get doxygen showing makefiles etc. (perhaps just as plain text files, without any special formatting).
  • The page "Module versions" should be sortable by version numbers (to see the most mature modules). Or how else can we (automatically) display the levels of development?
  • DONE (doxygen_project_name now only contains the name, not the version number) On the main page the link list shows now the full name (with doxygen version 1.5.4) in front of the page name (like "Class List"): How do we get back the old behaviour, which only shows the page name?
Docus pages
  • Docus-pages should get a somehow distinguished design.
  • For example the filename as title is not needed, and also not the brief explanation.
  • Perhaps we should use the "\page"-directive ?
Search engine
  • Doxygen can also use a "searchengine" (see activation in the "Doxyfile"): This would be very useful, but apparently needs some php-stuff?
  • Moreover, a web server needs to be started? And then --- I installed php and appache on csltok, and put all pages to /srv/www/htdocs, but still konqueror just returns the search.php-file instead of doing something with it --- how should konqueror know that also for local files the web server should be used?
Other code
  • We should also integrate (somehow) documentation of other code (for example all the computer-algebra code) into the doxygen-system (that is, giving access also to the code, not just to the plans).
  • At least a simple "dump" should be possible ("as is").
  • Can doxygen be extended? We need some easy solutions.

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