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Plans for the internet services (web page, etc.) More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the internet services (web page, etc.)

Further links on the Internet-page
  • Access to mailing-lists (with instructions).
  • A project-page (for example, Heribert Vollmer might have a student project about implementing the NP-completeness of SAT (encoding of Turing machines)) --- but this perhaps should go to the local system?
Domain name
  • Is the "cloak" method good, or shouldn't we better use redirection?
    1. If no new pages are created, then the visible address always the same, making it harder to create links. (This is as with frames.)
    2. On the other hand, having only the "public" url visible means less confusion with changing "implementation" url's.
    Or can we solve the problem by using the DNS-service?
  • DONE (yes, such redirection is possible; see Buildsystem/ReleaseProcess/plans/MailingLists.hpp) Do we need e-mail-forwarding? Can we have
    1. developers@ok-sat-library.org
    2. core-developers@ok-sat-library.org
    3. users@ok-sat-library.org
    4. announcements@ok-sat-library.org
  • How to host ok-sat-library.org on our machines DONE (set html-forwarding to the local address in Swansea, using the "cloak" method)
  • DONE (OK acquired "ok-sat-library.org" for 10 years, which seems to include "www.ok-sat-library.org" as well as just "ok-sat-library.org") It sems best to acquire a domain name like
    1. www. oklibrary.edu
    2. www. oklibrary.org
  • How to become owner of such a domain name? DONE

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