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Plans regarding installation of Git. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding installation of Git.

  • We need to discuss these in the Git installation information.
  • What to do about xmlto --- is this available in recent distributions, so that we don't need to provide an installation ourselves (only documentation)?
    1. Suse 10.0 has it.
  • curl + libcurl and expat development library (for pulling/pushing from/to a git repository via the http protocol) is another prerequisite, which can be installed by the Linux distribution.
  • openssl ?
  • wish (as part of the Tcl/Tk system) ?
  • DONE The build system can install asciidoc if needed; put it into the documentation. (Is it available in recent distributions?)
  • Make the installation of asccidoc local, with placement in OKplatform/bin.
    1. Unfortunately, asciidoc doesn't allow local installation.
    2. But at least we should provide some documentation.
    3. And perhaps we should have direct access to the installation page (not just through Git).
  • http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/ is the home page.
Info- and man-pages
  • Using system-wide installation, are man-pages provided by our installation?
  • And how to use these pages with a local installation?
    1. With "more" or "less" these pages can be viewed.
Git book
  • Likely we should make the git-book directly available (via a link, not just mentioning the documentation directory at the Git installation page).
Installation process
  • There are several build-possibilities (listed in the INSTALL-file of the git-package); the one we used was the only one working: Is this still true? What are the reasons?

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