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Documentation on how to build R. More...

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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build R.

Installing R

On the purpose of R

R is a powerful system for statistical computations, used by the OKlibrary for all statistical computations.

What the installation yields

  • The R program (usable in interactive- and in batch-mode).
  • Documentation

Via oklib --R (see Buildsystem/MasterScript/docus/general.hpp) the user can call the installed R-program.

Current state of installation

How to install


  • gcc is needed (as for many packages).
  • mpfr (often already installed).

Make targets

R Build the recommended R-version, using the system-gcc.
cleanallR Remove build, installation and documentation directory.


  • Local versus system-wide installation:
    1. The default is local installation.
    2. Set variable R_default_install_okl to value "system" to switch.
  • To install a different version, set variable R_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.

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