OKlib::Concepts::VariablesLiterals_tag< Var_tag, Lit_tag > Class Template Reference

Tags for types which are used as variables and as literals. More...

#include <JoinedConceptTags.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OKLIB_MODELS_CONCEPT_TAG_T (Var_tag, OKlib::Concepts::Variables) OKLIB_MODELS_CONCEPT_TAG_T(Lit_tag

Detailed Description

template<class Var_tag, class Lit_tag>
class OKlib::Concepts::VariablesLiterals_tag< Var_tag, Lit_tag >

Tags for types which are used as variables and as literals.

For examples int models Concepts::Variables as well as Concepts::Literals; more precisely, int models Concepts::VariablesAsIndex. The tag expressing that the type models both concepts now is VariablesLiterals_tag<Concepts::VariablesAsIndex_tag, Concepts::Literals_tag>.

It seems besides providing such a combined tag, we need also to provide "projections", which enable us to extract from such a combined tag the Var-tag and the Lit-tag? Or perhaps not, since all what is needed from the combined tag are the base classes (for tagging-polymorphism)?

Definition at line 55 of file JoinedConceptTags.hpp.

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