FieldOperationsAnalysis.mac File Reference

Tests for the analysis functions of the AES Field Operations. More...

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Detailed Description

Tests for the analysis functions of the AES Field Operations.

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What is the meaning of the part commented out? MG -- ACTION REQUIRED!
  •     inputList : create_list(-i,i,1,8),
          for i : 1 thru 7 do block(
            inputList = rotate(inputList,-1),
            assert(totaldisrep(apply_pa(setify(inputList), mulFullDNF[2])) =
              {setify(map(lambda([a], (a / abs(a)) * (8 + abs(a))),
  • MG : A very confused attempt at implementing the section of the tests now implemented and labelled "Test 2 * 2^i = 2^(i+1)". It was commented out as it wasn't working but I wanted to come back to it (should have gone to plans).
DONE Tests take too much time for level basic. MG -- ACTION REQUIRED!
  • It seems this can be avoided, since oklib_test_level is yet not queried in the tests.
  • ok_test_level introduced, although no tests will be possible at oklib_test_level = 0, due to the time the function to be tested takes.
(DONE Tests now need expanding OK: what does this mean??? MG -- ACTION REQUIRED) Test functions only take ONE argument.
  • The above functions is only a HELPER function.

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