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Documentation on how to build Gap. More...

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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build Gap.

Installing Gap

On the purpose of Gap

Gap is a computer-algebra system with special focus on group theory and discrete mathematics.

What the installation yields

  • The gap-executable (an interactive console), available in /home/csoliver/OKplatform/bin. So by entering gap on the command-line this system is entered.
  • Documentation.

We install all (standard) packages.

Current state of installation

How to install

  • Only local installation currently.
  • There is no build-directory (which could be removed), but all is put into the installation-directory.

Make targets

gap Build the recommended version of Gap.
cleanallgap Removes the installation- and documentation-directories.


  • To install a different version of Gap, set variable gap_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.

Definition in file Gap.hpp.