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Detailed Description

Module Versions:
Applications/RamseyTheory 0.1.1 (14.6.2009)
Version 0.1.2 :
In RamseyTheory/plans/general.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Update namespaces and their usage
Update milestones, and embed them into higher milestones.
Version 0.1.3 :
In Applications/RamseyTheory/Schur_BHR.cpp the following topics are handled:
  • Assertion in add_col fails after enumerating some solutions for upb=24
  • Rename to WSchur_BHR.cpp
  • Create complete specifications
  • Write modification to handle ordinary Schur-problems


Version history
  • 0.1 : 31.10.2006; initial version number (first generator implementations, and some plans).
  • 0.1.1 : 14.6.2009; reorganisation, moved modules to Combinatorics/Hypergraphs/Generators.

Definition in file milestones.hpp.