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Plans regarding the release process in general. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding the release process in general.

The different aspects of the release process (including the "continuous releases" via source-control access) are considered in:

Packages history : DONE
  • DONE With every new package a summary about the progress is added to a subpage of Local/History.html. See "Package history" in Buildsystem/Html/Local/plans/History.hpp.
  • DONE Compare "Backups and archives" in OKlib/plans/general.hpp for the "official history".
  • DONE (no packages are kept --- they can be recreated via the Git history) A policy is needed which packages to be kept.
    1. Somewhere there should be already some discussion on that?
    2. In any case only the minimal packages are kept.
    3. Perhaps the packages created with every advance in the version number (disregarding the fourth digit).
    4. There could be months between advances in the version number, but otherwise we have too much to store, and there should be enough clones floating around in case of a dispute regarding the recent history would show up (which seems unlikely).
    5. However the policy about archiving packages should ask for additional archiving of packages in case for a long time no advance happened while there is activity (this should be prevented by reasonable milestones).
  • DONE (the "official history" is handled by "Backups and archives" in OKlib/plans/general.hpp) Can we make the OKlibrary "officially" available? Or "more official"?? Perhaps we need a Sourceforge-account??? The Git-history should be well-secured.
DONE (there is only a permanent release process via packages created every few days or so; to the outside world it matters which functionality is provided, which is regulated by the milestones, however this does not affect the release process; yet no experience with access to git-repositories by users) Plans-structure review: The plans-structure in Buildsystem/ReleaseProcess/plans/ needs review.
  • Should we make a distinction between "special releases" and "continuous releases" ?
"Prerequisites" for further development
  • The README-file contains only tools which are needed for building and for the basic tasks.
  • But there is a lot of other software, which users/developers of the OKlibrary will encounter at some point (for example "automake").
  • Somewhere these tools need also to be discussed.
  • Perhaps located somewhere in the docus-system.
  • Or perhaps in the FAQ-page.

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