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Detailed Description

Module Versions:
Graphs/Lisp/Bicliques 0.0.5 (16.1.2009)
Version 0.0.6
In ComputerAlgebra/Graphs/Lisp/Bicliques/plans/Consensus.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Notions and notations
  • The basic "consensus" operation
  • Computing the maximal elements in a list of bicliques
  • The consensus iteration
Version 0.0.7
In ComputerAlgebra/Graphs/Lisp/Bicliques/plans/general.hpp the following
topics are handled:
  • The notion of a "biclique"
  • Abbreviations
  • Directed graphs
Further milestones are created.


Version history
  • 0.0.5 : 16.1.2009; basic concepts of bicliques established, and quite a few plans.

Definition in file milestones.hpp.