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Plans for crypto-systems in Maxima/Lisp. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for crypto-systems in Maxima/Lisp.

Other SAT-related attacks
  • DES
  • Several hash functions.
  • Some stream ciphers.
Decryption using iterative block ciphers
  • How to use the current iterative block cipher scheme "ibc_0" to encode decryption?
  • One encounters the problem that for both encryption and decryption, the key will be the same, but for instance, in the AES, the key will be the first round key for encryption but the last round key for decryption.
  • This becomes a problem as ibc_0 uses the given key as the first round key no matter what.
  • Additionally, the key round function for some ciphers (including AES) is not invertible, and to decrypt one must simply generate all keys and reverse the order, and so even if one knew the final round key, one could not simply pass an inverse key round function to ibc_0 to provide decryption, unless such a function was just a lookup to pre-generated keys, and ignored the previous round key.
Other cryptosystems
  • RSA
  • DES
  • Look for systems where SAT has been applied.

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