Persons.hpp File Reference

Plans regarding management of personal data. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding management of personal data.

Developers information : DONE
  • Complete information in "Developers.html". DONE
  • Link appropriately to "Developers.html" (from the local home page; see Buildsystem/Html/plans/LocalHomePage.hpp). DONE
  • Compare with "Developers" in Buildsystem/plans/Release.hpp. DONE
  • DONE (decided to produce an html-file "Developers.html" right away due to greater flexibility, and it seems we do not automatically process this information; we also don't need to distinguish between current and past developers --- this might change, and one can see this in the repository-information) We should have a subdirectory Configuration/Developers, containing files
    1. current_main
    2. past_main
    3. past_external
    4. current_external
    Each of those files contains lines like
    1. OK "Oliver Kullmann" O.Kullmann@Swansea.ac.uk
    2. MH "Matthew Henderson" XXX
    3. ML "Matthew Lewsey" XXX
    Or is there some "official" file format for such address-data?!
  • Out of these files an html-file is produced.

Definition in file Persons.hpp.