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General plans regarding greedoids. More...

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Detailed Description

General plans regarding greedoids.

Fundamental notions
  • A "greedoid" can be considered, like a matroid, as a special type of hypergraph (the hereditarity-condition is replaced by the weaker condition of "accessibility", that is, for every non-empty hyperedge there exists an element which can be removed).
  • These are the unordered versions. And then there is the notion of an "ordered greedoid", which is a pair [V,W], where V is a finite set while W is a set of repetition-free lists over V.
  • The notion of "greedoid language" is used for these "ordered" versions".
  • Perhaps by default the greedoid languages have implicitly given set of words, since these are just the permutations of the underlying greedoid.
  • Let's use the abbreviations "grd" and "grdl".
Branching greedoids

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