CurrentExperiments.hpp File Reference

Overview on currently running experiments. More...

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Detailed Description

Overview on currently running experiments.

Just to see what experiments are running at *this* time.


Advanced Encryption Standard

Data Encryption Standard

Ramsey theory

Green-Tao problems

Hindman problems

See (currently) RamseyTheory/SchurProblems/plans/general.hpp.

  • hindman_3(2)
  • hindmani_2^6(2)
  • hindmani_2^7(2)
  • hindmani_2^8(2)
  • hindmani_2^9(2)
  • hindmani_2^10(2)
  • hindmani_2^11(2)
  • hindmani_2^12(2)

Ramsey problems

Van der Waerden problems

Gasarch problems

Unsatisfiable hitting clause-sets

See Experimentation/Investigations/UHittingCatalogue/plans/general.hpp

  • Deficiency = 3, n = 5



Definition in file CurrentExperiments.hpp.