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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build and use Ubcsat.

Installing and using Ubcsat

On the purpose of Ubcsat

Ubcsat is a collection of procedures for configuring local search SAT solvers.

  • We have tweaked it somewhat to get it closer to a library.
  • We corrected the source code so that it runs also on 64 bit machines.
  • And we made it now flushing it's output.
  • Yet we are using 1.0.0, since we got it working on 64-bit machines. The successor of 1.1.0 should finally work on 64-bit machines, and then we'll update.
  • We also provide a convenience wrapper.

What the installation yields

Via oklib ubcsat we obtain the installation directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/SAT/Ubcsat/1-2-0-beta-17 which contains the following subdirectories:

  • bin contains the executable ubscat, a solver platform which can execute the main local-search algorithms. A link to this program is planted in the public bin-directory (which is /home/csoliver/OKplatform/bin).
  • lib contains the link-libraries which are linked together in the above ubcsat executable, and which are here made available for linking. Compiled with the macro ALTERNATEMAIN, so that no main function is created.
  • The above executable program as well as the link-libraries are compiled using the corrected sources from /home/csoliver/OKplatform/OKsystem/OKlib/Satisfiability/Algorithms/LocalSearch/Ubcsat/corrected.
  • The original sources are copied to the src sub-directory (converted to Unix/Linux line-endings).

Current state of installation

We consider here only the executable:

  • Recommended version = 1-2-0-beta-17
  • ready: MAYBE
    • location = /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/SAT/Ubcsat/1-2-0-beta-17/bin/ubcsat-1-2-0-beta-17
    • version =


Using the ubcsat-executable:

  • A link is provided in the public bin-directory (/home/csoliver/OKplatform/bin).
  • Using ubcsat -h will show the list of options.
    1. Most useful seems to start with e.g.,
      ubcsat -alg rsaps -runs 100 -cutoff 1000 -i file
      where for the parameter "-alg" one has to chose one of the available algorithms (here "rsaps").
    2. In this way one gets a feeling for the quality of the algorithm, and how cutoff needs to be adapted to the problem at hand.
    3. Additionally the usage of the parameter -noimprove value is of interest, which aborts a run after value-many steps without improvement of the current minimum number of falsified clauses.
  • ubcsat -ha shows the list of available algorithms. Typically one needs to try them all out.

We provide a convenience-wrapper ubcsat-okl (also in the public bin-directory):

  • This calls ubcsat with the parameters -rclean -r out stdout run,found,best,beststep,steps,seed -r stats stdout numclauses,numvars,numlits,fps,beststep[mean],steps[mean+max],percentsolve,best[min+max+mean+median] -runs 10 -cutoff 100000 -rflush, followed by the parameters given to ubcsat-okl.
  • So we leave out the banner etc., for each run additionally output the seed-value (so that the run can be repeated), and especially provide more statistics about the best assignments found.
  • The wrapper can be used as ubcsat itself, for example
    ubcsat-okl -alg samd -runs 100 -cutoff 10000 -noimprove 1000 -i file

To use Ubcsat-components from inside the OKlibrary:

  • In the ".link_libraries"-file the specification
    echo ${ubcsat_link_option_okl} 
    is needed, which enables linking with all functions and variables provided by the ubcsat-library.
  • For the source-libraries add
    to the definition of source_libraries in definitions.mak: This activates the localised version of header files from the Ubcsat-library, and, if not already overwritten by a localised version, the corrected files (while the other files are taken from the original sources).
  • And the main header file for the Ubcsat-library is OKlib/LocalSearch/Ubcsat/local/ubcsat.h.

How to install

Only local installation.

Make targets

ubcsat Builds the source-library, the link-library and the ubcsat-program, using the system-gcc.
cleanubcsat Removes the build-directory.
cleanallubcsat Removes build- and installation-directories.

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