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Plans regarding biclique partitions of (general) graphs. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding biclique partitions of (general) graphs.

Translations to clause-sets
  • See "Conflict graph" in ComputerAlgebra/Satisfiability/Lisp/ConflictCombinatorics/plans/general.hpp
  • Organisation:
    1. Does this belong to ComputerAlgebra/Graphs, or to ComputerAlgebra/Satisfiability?
    2. Formation of conflict graphs etc. seem naturally to belong to Satisfiability/ConflictCombinatorics, since these graphs are first of all tools to analyse clause-sets.
    3. What about translations of biclique partitions (and of graphs for given methods of biclique partitions) into clause-sets?
      • Placing them in Satisfiability/ConflictCombinatorics seems again most natural; perhaps in a sub-module "Realisations" ?
The conjecture of [Galesi, Kullmann]
  • Using the (deprecated) Mupad-functions, the conjecture is that if ist_exakt_transversal(M) is true, then ist_speziell_exakt_transversal(M) is true.
  • This should be equivalent to the statement, that every minimally unsatisfiable clause-set F, whose conflict multigraph is a complete bipartite graph, has a read-once resolution refutation.
  • First approach for searching for a counter-example:
    1. Enumerate or sample biclique partitions of complete bipartite graphs.
    2. Get the corresponding clause-set.
    3. Perform subsumption-elimination.
    4. Remove satisfiable clause-sets (via SAT or via the decision procedure for exact transversal hypergraphs).
    5. Check the clause-set for the special condition.
  • We need to implement a test for the special condition:
    1. This should be a simple recursive procedure.
    2. ist_speziell_exakt_transversal(M) is a starting point (but it doesn't recursively check the condition).
NP-completeness of determining bcp
  • Find literature on the NP-completeness of the determination of the biclique partition number bcp(G).
  • Implement it.

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