Minisat2.hpp File Reference

General plans monitoring Minisat2. More...

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Detailed Description

General plans monitoring Minisat2.

Move read_minisat2_output functionality to wrapper script
  • This is to be achieved with "Extraction tools" in ExperimentSystem/SolverMonitoring/plans/general.hpp.
  • Once the extraction scripts are in place, the "read_minisat_output" function can be replaced with function similar to read_oksolver_mon which just calls read.table and specifies the column types.
  • An additional (optional) parameter should be a "parameter" column name, which specifies which column is the key parameter being considered in the experiment data:
    • We could consider the possibility of multiple parameters, but it is best to only do this when we encounter the need.
    • The data.frame would then be ordered based on the selected column.
    • Such parameters are extracted from the filenames of solver output by the extraction scripts, see "Extraction tools" in ExperimentSystem/SolverMonitoring/plans/general.hpp.
  • We also need function for plotting standard graphs and computing standard statistics from each solvers output.
  • Some solvers output a lot of data; functions to extract key data (columns) for inclusion in the experiment plans is also necessary.

Definition in file Minisat2.hpp.