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Plans in general regarding actions of sets. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans in general regarding actions of sets.

Notions and notations
  • "act", "ract" as the principal abbreviations for "acts" and "right acts".
  • "mp" for map, "sm" for set-map, "hm" for hash-map (compare with ComputerAlgebra/DataStructures/Lisp/plans/HashMaps.hpp)
  • "trs_sm" for transformations as set-maps, and "trs_l" for transformations as lists (compare with ComputerAlgebra/Algebra/Lisp/Groupoids/Semigroups/plans/general.hpp).
  • Yet we only have the actions isolated, as pure maps; but we also need actions as structures, that is, as triples [act,A,X].
  • While an A-act would be a pair [act,X].
  • Or should we follow the normal convention, putting the operation to the tail of the list: [A,X,act], [X,act] ?
  • A reasonable abbreviation would be "act_set" for the action on a set (of course, of a set). Then perhaps the predicates like "act_set_p" should have one argument, namely the triple [A,X,act] (not, like yet, three arguments).

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