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Documentation on how to build and use Grasp. More...

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Detailed Description

Documentation on how to build and use Grasp.

Installing Grasp

On the purpose of Grasp

Grasp was the first "conflict-driven" SAT solver.

What the installation yields

  • The SAT solver, accessible via sat-grasp.
  • Full documentation in directory /home/csoliver/OKplatform/system_directories/doc/internet_html/doc/doc/SAT/Grasp/grasp-20080718.
  • We compile it with gcc version 4.1.2, since compilation fails for newer versions (due to the use of non-standard headers like "iostream.h").

Current state of installation

  • Recommended version = 20080718
  • Expected path to the executable:
    1. grasp program call = /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/SAT/Grasp/20080718/sat-grasp
    2. A symbolic link is provided in the public bin-directory (/home/csoliver/OKplatform/bin).
  • Checking the installation:
    • Ready: YES
    • location = /home/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/Installations/SAT/Grasp/20080718/sat-grasp
    • version = 20080718
  • The main documentation page: /home/csoliver/OKplatform/system_directories/doc/internet_html/doc/doc/SAT/Grasp/grasp-20080718/sat-grasp.html

How to install

Make targets

grasp Build the recommended version of grasp, using the local gcc.
cleangrasp Remove the build directory.
cleanallgrasp Remove build, installation and documentation directory.


  • To install a different version, set variable grasp_recommended_version_number_okl accordingly.


  • Use sat-grasp filename (where, as usual, "filename" is a SAT-instance in DIMACS format).
  • All resources are restricted; the default values are as follows:
    1. +T 10000 (maximal runtime in seconds; default is thus nearly 3 hours).

Definition in file Grasp.hpp.