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Detailed Description

Module Versions:
Buildsystem (11.5.2010)
Version 0.2.1 : THEME is "BETA RELEASE"
Buildsystem/ReleaseProcess 0.0.7
(see Buildsystem/ReleaseProcess/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/ExternalSources version 0.1.3
(see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/Html version 0.0.7
(see Buildsystem/Html/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/SourceControl 0.2.2
(see Buildsystem/SourceControl/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/Configuration version 0.0.5
(see Buildsystem/Configuration/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/MasterScript version 0.0.5 : DONE
(see Buildsystem/MasterScript/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/Configuration version 0.0.7
(see Buildsystem/Configuration/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/OKlibBuilding 0.2.4
(see Buildsystem/OKlibBuilding/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/MasterScript version 0.0.6
(see Buildsystem/MasterScript/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/SourceControl 0.2.4
(see Buildsystem/SourceControl/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/ExternalSources version 0.1.5
(see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/Html version 0.0.8
(see Buildsystem/Html/plans/milestones.hpp)
In Buildsystem/plans/CheckBuildSystem.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Test script
In Buildsystem/plans/general.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Evaluation mode for oklib
  • Further renamings
  • System documentation
  • Renaming module Buildsystem
  • Documentation (Examples and Concepts)
  • Modes of Usage
  • makefile_recursive
  • Source code directory structure
  • Full test
  • Integration testing
Update the following milestones.
Version 0.2.3 : THEME is "ALPHA RELEASE - Build system extensions"
Buildsystem/ExternalSources version 0.1.7
(see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/plans/milestones.hpp)
Buildsystem/MasterScript version 0.0.7
(see Buildsystem/MasterScript/plans/milestones.hpp)
Version 0.2.4 :
Buildsystem/ExternalSources version 0.1.8
(see Buildsystem/ExternalSources/plans/milestones.hpp)
In Buildsystem/plans/README.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Supported versions of gcc
  • Update
Version 0.2.5 :
In Buildsystem/plans/Makefile.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • Documentation
  • Future of this makefile
Version 0.3 : THEME is "Basic functionality for everybody"
Version 0.4 : THEME is "Complexity measurements"
Version 0.5 : THEME is "Rounding up"
Version 1.0 :


Version history
  • 0.1 : 4.3.2006; initial version number (the build system is under work for around 2 years).
  • 0.1.1 : 3.11.2006; some smaller corrections and modifications regarding naming issues.
  • 0.1.2 : 9.12.2006; systematic naming, placement and decomposition of makefiles; documentation of generic.mak; documentation-building improved.
  • 0.1.3 : 14.1.2007; further improvements on naming and placement of makefiles, improved building of external libraries, improved html-documentation.
  • 0.1.4 : 8.2.2007; steps towards a specified and testable buildsystem. Further documentation of generic.mak; corrections to makefile plans files suffixes; corrections to system-wide variable definitions.
  • 0.1.5 : 31.3.2007; further steps towards a specified and testable buildsystem; started documenting generic.mak in the doxygen-system. Further improvements in the general structure of the documentation-pages.
  • 0.1.6 : 24.6.2007; transition from CVS to Git and investigations into usage of Git, building and using Boost version 1_34_0, building gcc-4.2.0, building CMake and started planning a transition, investigations into mailing lists and the upcoming proto-release in general, overhaul of Buildsystem/plans, planning on configuration, planning on the web pages, doxygen-usage improvements, improvements of generic.mak, started creating user-documentation for the build-system, improved build of Ubcsat and Mhash, streamlining of building of external sources.
  • 0.2 : 23.9.2007; established basic html services, locally and on the Internet, established basic package-building, improved information on external sources (with improved and extended builds), restructured make-files and improved overall documentation, introduced the new masterscript "oklib", and used and extended the configuration system throughout.

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