CheckBuildSystem.hpp File Reference

Plans regarding testing the build system. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans regarding testing the build system.

Test script: We need some test system for the build system. Optimally, it would run like our normal test system; perhaps this is hard to achieve, but at least we need a list of manual checks, well specified, which cover all functions of the build system, and which is performed from time to time (manually). Then we can partially automate it.
  • make prebuild
  • make all
  • make check
  • make new_check
  • make clean (in all variations)
  • make html
  • make boost etc. (all external sources)
  • make package (the future package building)
Different environments
  • We should try to check different Linux distributions:
    1. Suse 10.0 or greater
    2. RedHat ???
    3. Debian

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