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Plans for automated theorem proving using computer algebra systems. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for automated theorem proving using computer algebra systems.

A long-term goal is to provide a experimental systems where SAT and ATP coexist, so that approaches for integrating SAT into ATP can be studied.

Clause-based approach
  • First we need a representation of terms.
  • Then we need to implement unification algorithms.
  • Then the various inference rules need to be implemented:
    1. resolution rules
    2. equality rules.
  • Finally, the strategies guiding the inference process are implemented.
First-order theory of the reals
  • Are there implementations of the decision procedure for this theory in computer-algebra systems?
  • See "First-order theory of the reals" in Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/plans/ATP.hpp.
  • Perhaps this topic should go to ComputerAlgebra/FirstOrderStructures ?
  • But ATP seems alright, since here theorems are proved automatically (though not with general logical methods, but with specialised algorithms --- but that should also belong to here).
  • In [A decision procedure for probability calculus with applications; Fitelson, 2008. The review of symbolic logic] an interesting application is discussed (only with a mathematica-program, but perhaps it's not too hard to learn from that).

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